How Can We Stop Pollution Essay

In our small planet called Earth, there are thousands of people who do not know how we can stop pollution. For those who do not know, there are three kinds of pollution: pollution of air, soil pollution and the last kind of pollution is that of water.

The air pollution is caused by vehicles and factories and they pollute the atmosphere greatly. As for the pollution of the soil, it’s everywhere. Major polluters are farmers. I think they should choose plants friendly to the environment, because the non-friendly agricultural products may cause environmental pollution. Finally, water pollution is caused by unconscious people. Sometimes people throw an object into a lake instead of putting it in a trash can.

Having said that, these are not the only things that pollute the environment of our planet, there are also people who do not know the difference between trash and recycling. They forget that the difference is large. It’s like mixing cats and dogs. This is why when you dump an object you have to choose the trash or recycling, but never put the two together.

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Thus, if everyone put their cans for recycling and waste, the world would be fantastic. Our cars should also (like the Ford companies, GMC, Toyota, Hyundai and Honda) emit less pollution. There are hybrid cars. Finally, I would say that if there were less polluting transport, the air would pure and if we also should improve our factories to relive our beautiful planet.

Pollution would be the phenomenon that is destroying the planet by an excess of waste discharges. We wondered how far could go man in his blindness to ignore the consequences of the development of technology companies and industrial production. This fast developing broke a natural balance which endangers the life of the man himself.

The industrialization of wealthy countries leads to a massive release of waste products with serious consequences for the environment: emissions, accidents, diseases, excessive exploitation, etc. Mankind depletes resources and ensures its immediate short-term interest without concern for future generations. Man acts constantly as a sorcerer’s apprentice: he experimented with techniques, but he has not mastered the consequences (GMOs, nuclear power, genetic research ….). It seems that research, industry expertise are facilitated by a unique model of thought. The system of lobbies greatly influences policy makers and especially politicians. The whole system is based on the Law of profit at the expense of any deep reflection on the Future of Humanity. We are all responsible for this march forward the inevitable as we got used to comfort we should pay the cost and it would be difficult for everyone to backtrack.

All these phenomena became possible thanks to the state disengagement, forces dispersion, and the loss of individual consciousness.

Despite this very pessimistic conclusion we must seek alternatives to bequeath our descendants a clean planet and try to get out of this vicious circle: we must protect the future of humanity.

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