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Recommended Market Analysis of Buffalo Bisons
Quantitative analysis:
Segmentation by age:
60% of the customers are older than 38 years. The oldest customers are 46 years old
30% are between 20-30 years old
10% are younger than 20.

Segmentation by gender:
70% of the customers are males
Only 30% are females

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All you can eat – 20% of total packages; 14.35% of total tickets; 24.85% of total gross revenues; 15% of total net revenues.
Family four pack – 46% of total packages; 36.8% of total tickets; 41% of total gross revenues; 34% of total net revenues.
Flex pack – 34% of total packages; 48.8% of total tickets; 34.18% of total gross revenues; 51% of total net revenues.

Area 14201 can be characterized by low-income single, single parent and family units. This area is also very ethnically diverse and has relatively low home-ownership rates.

Accordingly, we should focus on low-cost-high-value offerings, i.e., emphasising the possibility to get entertainment (and a possibility for better integration through participation in local sport events) and dine at the same reasonable price.

Fixed cost: $500 base payment for Tele-Tickets

Variable costs:
10% commission for Tele-Tickets on the selected package
All-you-can-it package: $12.50 (60% of revenue) food cost
Family-four package: $6 (44.4%) food cost

Family four package:
Break even at 21 packages
Profit: 361$

Flex package:
Break even at 6 packages
Profit: 418$

Qualitative analysis:
a. the best package to sell under the above mentioned demographic factors, including the fact that 50% of the purchasers have at least two children, is the family four package, which offers good costs for family leisure and a fast-food meal.
b. the most profitable package, both in terms of quantity and margin, is the flex package.

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