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Politics, the art or science of government, in addition to this, politics is also the process by which authoritative allocation of values takes place in society. It deals with the relations among men and groups that are subject to the control of the state, how they interact with the state itself, and on the relations of the state to other states.
Politics can also be defined as, any human relationship, which involves to a significant degree, power, influence, and authority.

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An example of this explanation politics could be, a group of friends, there will always be one authority figure in this group, he will be the one making most of the groups decisions, or he would probably influence most of the choices from time to time.
What we could gather from this given definitions of politics is that politics, as a science deals with the processes on how a state or country should be run or governed, on how to uphold or how to let the citizenry follow whatever values, rules and regulations that were installed by those in power.

Therefore, politics is not about, what we laymen think it is, all the bad politicians, guns, goons, girls and gold, it is in fact the method of how to get society is managed.

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