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In the last couple of decades global warming has become an extremely important issue on the world’s political and social arena. It can even be said that the global warming is considered by many to be an issue of bigger importance than terrorism. Today an average person would be fully aware of what global warming is, however, without a shadow of doubt, when being asked many could find the notion rather obscure. For this purpose in my paper I would like to firstly describe what global warming is in order to present the full picture of the issue. Upon that I will present the political positions of the world powers on this issue. In my opinion it is very important to show different political standpoints on this matter, because today the issue of global warming, has become rather political than social.

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Looking around we see that we are living in an astonishing world, moreover, we are happy to live in amazing times. Our world is highly industrialized and every individual in it has access to the latest inventions of the modern technology. However, more and more we hear that our world is in danger. At first such slogans seemed to be rather hollow, because the humans thought that nothing could be done to the ceaseless world. What is more, is that humans even refused to believe that the world is in danger because of their, our, actions. Thus, the people continued to destroy the habitats of animals, cultivate the wild lands, and cut out vast plains of trees in order to use the space for industrial construction. Though, today, when the awareness of fragility of our Earth is clear, people start to take notice of their actions. Especially now, when the question of global warming has come into being.

By the words “global warming” we understand that the average temperature of the Earth’s near-surface air and oceans has increased since the middle of twentieth century and is expected to increase further. The proof of the above argument can be seen by anyone who is willing to notice it. For example, if in 1930s the winter temperatures in Siberia ranged from -25 to -32, today the Siberians are enjoying winter with only 10 to 15 degrees below zero. Such processes are also noticed in other countries known for their freezing winters, such as Austria, Finland, and Kazakhstan. The result of gradual warming is clear, the increasing global temperature will cause water levels to rise and will change the amount of rainfall. Other probable effects include increases in the intensity of extreme weather events, changes in agricultural yields, and increases in the ranges of disease vectors. As we see, there is a chance that one day we will simply be flooded by the melted ice from the Poles.

As I have already mentioned, the activities of man have led to the threat of “global flood”. With our actions, we have increased the greenhouse gases which include carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen oxide which have created an effect of green house on the Earth’s surface. This greenhouse prevents the reflection of the rays from sun and causes the increase in temperature. According to scientists, in order to stop the global warming or at least slow down its pace, the emissions of heat-trapping gases should be reduced (Trenberth, 2007).

Most national governments have signed and ratified the Kyoto Protocol (1997) aimed to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. Though, the political debate continues regarding what action should be taken to reduce or reverse future warming or if this action should be taken at all. Another option that is accepted by many governments is to adapt to the expected consequences of the global warming. Lower, I would like to present the opinion of the world powers on this matter.

In the European Union, the issue of global warming has been prominent. The people, the governments of individual states, and the central government act together in order to prevent the deathly effects of the warming. All European Union member states ratified the Kyoto Protocol in 1997. Eleven years later we see that and many European countries had already been taking action to reduce the gas emissions. The Global Language Monitor has listen, the “global warming” to be one of the most important issues facing the world, and the European Union in particular (Crampton, 2007). To sum up, the European politicians understand the importance of reducing the greenhouse effect and foster a political program aimed at preventing the gradual destruction of the world.

In the U.S. the concept of global warming started to be discussed decades ago. The public is aware of the issue, as well as politicians take it into consideration, though the issue has caused much controversy in the U.S. politics. The Republican Party tends to oppose action against global warming regarding its existence to be unproved, as well not agreeing with it to be caused by man (Degette, 2006). The Democrats tend to support actions that they believe will reduce global warming and concur that we, the humans, are in fault for it. However, recently Sarah Palin, a famous republican, proclaimed that the Republican Party has never implied global warming to be unreal, showing that the republicans tend to consider the issue as well (Frederick, 2008).

When it comes to Canada, environmental protection is a current issue for the people and the government, though it seems that the later is not willing to take any active action in order to aid the situation. In 1990s, Canadian government has ratified the Kyoto Agreement, however, did very little to limit the emission of greenhouse gases and meet the Kyoto goals. Currently, Canadian government claims that it is impossible for the country to meet the criteria of the agreement and attempting to do so would be just catastrophic for the Canadian economy. Of course, such attitude to this vital environmental issue has brought Canada under the attack of its people and other countries. Though, Canadian liberal party that is in power now claims to be working of its own climate plan that will go hand in hand with Kyoto (Canada Breaks Global Warming Law, 2007).

As we could see, there has been much debate about global warming, its causes and consequences, as well action to be taken to stop it. In my opinion, the process of gradual global warming is frightening indeed, thus it should not be simply an issue of political debate, but should be understood as a global threat that has to be addressed by everyone.

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