Tips on Writing a Master’s Research Proposal

A research proposal for Master’s degree is the assignment which is supposed to inform the professor about the student’s choice of the problem for research paper writing.

The aim of a research proposal is to convince the professor that the topic is worthy and the student has the right to devote much time and many efforts to the process of writing, of course, a master’s research proposal is a serious and troublesome assignment and one requires quality help with it, so below there are well-constructed Master’s research proposal writing tips which can facilitate the student’s work.

  1. Choose the Most Successful Topic. It is natural that the student can expect the positive result of his research proposal if he has chosen an interesting problem for the research. One should devote enough time to brainstorm a good topic which would be interesting and urgent for the professor. Furthermore, the relevant topic should be closely connected with the problems observed during the semester of studying. The topic should be narrow but deep and the student who defends his master’s degree should demonstrate his maturity and professional skills researching the problem in the alternative and constructive way.
  2. Collect Information about the Problem. The student can not succeed in research proposal writing for Master’s degree if does not use the reliable and quality sources to collect updated information about the problem. One is supposed to understand that the proposal should be based on the trustworthy and up-to-date books, articles, encyclopaedias, etc, because the proposal is the attempt of the alternative research approach to the existing bothering topic and the information used for the research must be as fresh as possible.
  3. Discuss the Proposal with the Professor. In order to avoid the misunderstandings and numerous revisions the student should clear up the questions about the format and structure of the paper at the very beginning. One is expected to ask questions about writing and follow the professor’s instructions later on.
  4. Focus on the Methodology Section. The proposal is the indicator of the Master’s student’s professional skills and critical thinking abilities. One should demonstrate his knowledge and professionalism with the help of the right choice of the methods for the research. The methodology should contain only the most appropriate and effective methods which would help to reach success in the research.
  5. Illustrate the Purpose of Writing. The student’s task is not to simply research the problem, but to make his attempts worth something. The student should present the purpose of the research, inform about the expected results, make a hypothesis concerning the research and keep on writing in the logical way presenting arguments and supporting his point of view with the evidence.

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