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School ground violence in the form of bullying or harassment has been around as long as schools themselves have. In the past a blind eye was turned to bullying in the school grounds. But nowadays we are becoming more and more intolerant about it. Bullying is violence whether it is physical or psychological. The violence can take on many forms from non-verbal with threatening and obscene gestures, verbal with insults and name-calling and direct physical abuse like hitting, kicking or spitting and even as far as murder.

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The forms of violence differ greatly between schools and are often a feedback of life outside school. Unfortunately violence that is started in the school ground is often also taken outside into the street and into the home of the offender. Statistics show that a young bully has a one in four chance of having a criminal record by the time they are 30.

Our schools in Australia do not often see knives and guns in the playground, but if we look at overseas incidences there are many cases of extreme violence lately, especially in America. In America there are quite a few occasions when knives and guns have been used against fellow students and teachers. We have all personally seen those stories on our news programs. Usually a student takes their Dad’s or their own gun and takes their anger out on someone else to the point of injury or even death.

A lot of research has been done lately regarding violence in schools. It has found that a more powerful person directs violence towards a less powerful person in the school grounds. Surveys done at schools show that approximately 15 % of the population of the students are involved in this kind of behaviour. Why it happens is a very complicated issue. There are many factors involved such as the personality and family characteristics of the bully themselves. Some may do it simply out of boredom.

Through research and understanding of what causes the violence at schools, policies can be developed to prevent this happening on school grounds. This can be done through the curriculum of the school or directly working with students that are bullies. If the whole school including the students work together they can make their school ground a safer place for them and their fellow students.

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