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Imagine you are on the beach, water clear as crystal, grabbing for your beach towel to dry your salty body off, you realize you don’t smell as fresh and sexy as a women should. You open your Cosmo Girl Magazine that was purchased to help you lounge on the sand and find the solution to your stinky problem, Davidoff’s Cool Water perfume for women. You can be dirty and wet as a stray dog, and you will still smell sexy and irresistible with the scent illuminating from your skin.

Davidoff’s Cool Water advertisement draws potential customers in by its dripping wet exotic, flawless, picture perfect woman who can make men want her and make women want to be her alongside the crystal blue perfume bottle. The idea of the advertisement is to first get your attention and then to make you desire the product. According to Jib Fowles, author of  Advertisings Fifteen Basic Appeals, this simple yet attention grabbing advertisement has one goal, to appeal to all the needs of consumers. Based on Fowles essay, this ad uses three basic appeals to meet its purpose: the need for sex, the need for affiliation, and also the need for attention. Let’s talk about sex baby, this subject is one of the quickest ways to grab a consumer’s attention.

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To shock a viewer or to show something unexpected and rebellious will stop anyone from turning the page to quick. And in addition any consumer who agrees of disagrees with the ad’s intent will form their own opinion remember the ad, which is the  response most advertisers seek. In Cool Water’s ad, the image of the beautiful women let’s men and women both use their imagination with no limits. Men may envision any women of their heart smelling as sexy as the women looks and uses the ad as a reference for the next gift he purchases his mate. Women will also turn their attention to the ad. The attractive woman appears simple and flawless and women may consider how they themselves may attempt flawlessness by smelling as sexy as the pictured women looks. Fowles points our in his essay that advertisers usage of the sex appeal is an attention grabbing tool, but at the same time they must be cautious because to much sexual content, like “nudity has the effect of reducing brand recall”. The sexual imagery in this ad may be used as the alluring factor, but as Fowles restates this “tricky appeal [is] to be used sparingly” to get the product across.

The need for affiliation is what Americans today strive for. The constant desire to fit in with everyone else is a frequent goal. In the Cool Water ad, the beautiful women may imply association with other beauties and the perfume is the ticket in to the divine group. The feeling of unfilled desires consumes the viewer and afflicts the needs of his or her self confidence. Fowles quotes and agrees with Henry Murray, a research psychologist, when he states that people’s needs for affiliation are what drive a consumer to look at a products advertisement.  “To draw near and enjoyable cooperate or reciprocate with another; to please and win affection of another”. The blue eyed, beautiful woman portrays the idea to the viewer- if you look like me you can sit down and fit in anywhere you go.

In the more than 1500 ads that we are exposed to in our everyday lives, few hold our attention and make their imprint in our minds. But for the few that are filtered out, the goal of triggering our personal and emotional appeals were achieved. Many advertisements will create a sense of discontent among humans in that you may feel you are just average, but if you have their product you will be above the rest. “And that is the immediate goal of advertising to tug at our psychological shirts sleeves”. The intentions are to reach your shell of consciousness and break it down to fit the advertiser’s product. Advertising is a manipulative way of selling a product and works by feeding of the “subconscious drives” of human beings.

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