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Architecture is one of the most influential professions in today’s society. As an architect, you would have the responsibility to shape the environments in which people spend their daily lives.” Architecture reflects the society that builds it, but it also affects the way that society develops. There is a need for people with the imagination to create buildings and cities our society needs to keep pace with its evolution. Therefore, there is a high demand for architects as society grows. Simply enough, architects have to make drawings. They create all aspects of the built environment. An architect must build structures that can withstand the forces of nature and that must be sturdy to ensure safety. An architect must be exceptional at mathematics to undertake daily designing tasks. Most of all, natural talent in artistic creativity is a must in this job. One must obtain a degree in architecture to perform all of the necessary tasks required in the job. An architectural education equips people with the talents to enter a broad range of careers. The educational process of architecture is a long and grieving one. In high school, a prospective student should take challenging courses such as physics and calculus to prepare for the engineering side of the college education. Architectural colleges generally have a separate atmosphere from the rest of the school. Before going to an architectural college, one must realize the intensity of the work, and one must be entirely dedicated to this field of study in order to be successful. “The lights never go out in a school of architecture.” Most often, a student of a school of architecture will go on a five-year tract in college.

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The first two years will be spent completing general education requirements, which is basically the same as many other students in different majors. Although there are some art and 3-dimensional designing courses that are taken in these first couple of years with a great emphasis on free-hand drawing skills; the student will not begin the study of actual structures until his or her junior year. These studies progress for the remaining years at the architectural school, but in the fourth year one will generally begin working on projects using CAD technology. Technical writing is also taken in these years that is the style of language that is commonly used in the work force. Universal code training is another subject of learning for the students, which may vary from state to state. After one graduates from an architectural college, there is still more training necessary to ensure quality and success. There is a minimum requirement of three years professional practice in an architect’s office or equivalent. The student will be an apprentice to his or her mentor in this stage, and will learn all the tasks done by a working architect through one-on-one training and cooperative projects. Once this stage is completed, the student can then take the state architectural exam to be able to work independently on his or her own. Therefore, an architect must become NAAV accredited. The test is eight hours in length, and tests everything that one should know to practice in that state. This test is a giant step for the student, who may walk out of the testing center an official architect. After years of experience on the job, an architect can be eligible to practice in more than one state. To practice from state to state, an architect must take an exam with the NCARB. One has to keep in mind the different environmental and building codes that vary from state to state. Certain states have more requirements than others, mainly due to differences in environments, landscapes, and natural disaster compensation. The education and testing fully prepares the student in becoming a successful architect. For most architects, the job is not solely confined to designing and making drawings. For many, the job is multi-faceted and cooperative. Besides drawing, architects perform many tasks throughout the workweek such as searching for projects, interviewing for jobs, surveying land, having meetings to discuss ideas, and writing technical reports. Detail is everything in an architect’s job, and relaying the ideas to coworkers and clients is even more important. People skills are a must for this job, for it is most often a collaborative effort on projects. A managerial architect is always making the balance between the number of workers on one project, and the speed at which the project must be completed. Quality is often sacrificed with the higher worker loads on one project; however, time is always spared. The job atmosphere is very professional, and the dress is still formal abroad. The designing of structures has changed drastically in the last decade due to advancement in technology. For thousands of years, designers and architects used only free-hand drawing skills on parchment or paper before the actual construction took place. In 1989, CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) was created in conjunction with the newfound computer age. In the first years of its development, the software was not beneficial over most architects’ free-hand drawing skills, for the technology was too slow and too unnatural for its users. However, in recent years, the software has become good enough and the computer processors have become fast enough to allow this CAD technology to actually outdo regular drawing methods. Now the designing process is faster, more precise, color coded, more professional, and simply easier than the old way. There is no telling how far the technology will improve, and how much time and energy will be saved in the process. There are many different branches of architecture. Conservation is the restoration of old, out-of-date, and usually historical buildings. There is domestic architecture, which is mainly the designing of new homes and apartment complexes. The most price worthy projects are within the major cities in the skyscrapers. Transportation architects design roads and highway systems. Naval architecture is the designing of naval ships. Landscape architecture is the reshaping of land for a desired effect such as a golf course. The list goes on and on. Many jobs fit the major natural talents and learned skills that I have. Engineering is a field that works with logical reasoning, mathematics and physics. Efficiency is the utmost goal for an engineer. Architects must know certain fields of engineering and physics to design strong buildings and structures. An interior designer uses his or her artistic talents to make a living space or workplace comfortable and appropriate for the environment that it resides in. They use color schemes, light variations, and creative artistic ability to accomplish this job; however, there is no serious physical structural designing skills required. Construction workers and builders work with their hands constantly to build structures that are designed by an architect, but there is little creativity involved in a construction worker’s job. An architect obtains all the skills necessary in designing structures that I have. Although architecture seems very challenging and time consuming, the rewards are unmistakable. A good architect can combine structural and physical knowledge with artistic creativity to create structures for society. An architect is talented and skilled in various areas. This would be a great responsibility for society, and an honor to do. Although I have very little experience in the technological area, I based my choice more on my mathematical interests. There will always be a need for architects as long as society continues to burgeon. This everlasting demand for architects is a promising feature in the work force today, especially since the signs of a slowing economy and increasing unemployment rates. Therefore, I will be pursuing a degree in architecture in college. My profound interests in mathematics, art, building, physics, designing, creativity, and a fulfilling sense of purpose are all fruits of architecture, which are carried out on the natural landscape that I love so much. In college, I will learn the knowledge and skills to be an architect, a job I was seemingly destined to do. Only then can I take all the skills and knowledge and passion for the field of architecture that I have to give back to the community which has so richly taken care of me.

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