Argumentative Essay on the Value of a College Education

The value of college represents a controversial theme considering its obligatory necessity. The opponents can state that college does not prepare students for real-world experience and does not enhance linguistic fluency. The opponents refute the arguments by emphasizing the background nature of college knowledge and enhancement of the linguistic fluency, instead. Therefore, focusing on the Rogerian Model for Argument, the assignment analyzes the identified positions with a personal emphasis on the proponent sides for college.

Opposing Position
The opposing position to college education indicates the lack of the development of the practical skills related to business acumen and financial literacy, which undermine the quality of education as a whole. The consideration requires the following specification. The potential applicant is going to spend thousands of dollars paying for tuition fees, educational sources, living expenses, etc. However, the identified expenditures do not guarantee the further solvency of the student considering the risk of refusal from job application covered in major. The identified position represents an antithesis of the current market demands.

Employers require innovation, assertiveness, and mind inquisitiveness. Even if the classes of literature can enhance innovation, they will not provide assertiveness as it represents the specification of the personality. The absence of personality training indicates a lack of financial literacy and business acumen. The identified position of education resembles the illusive position of Google’s assistance. College is like Google – distracts from the real-world working experience. Google absorbs the ability to read, perceive, and reproduce the information (Carr para. 6). College indeed enhances cognitive abilities, however, it does not develop the reproduction of the innovative critical decisions. Therefore, the lack of creative and innovative educational approaches cannot guarantee the student’s cultivation of the required skills, which will lead to an increase of the credit undermining the solvency. This proves the lack of the value of college.
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Context for the Opposing Position
The analyzed opponents’ idea is valid considering the true representation of the real-world educational experience. The key point of analysis represents that the college does not work on the development of the student’s personal characteristics like assertiveness, etc., which leads to the point that in the future the alumnus cannot pay off the credit for educational expenditure. The position is valid considering the differences between the educational program and the real-world expectations. Moreover, college does not provide an extreme enhancement of the student’s linguistic skills. Foreign students can overcome the oral written barrier of English. However, it does not mean that they will be proficient in business or legal aspects of English. The identified position can be supplemented with the opinion of Dennis Baron, “Banning English would prevent that kind of divisiveness in America today” (para. 6). The identified position relates to the value of college in terms of the absence of free competition based on the language factor. The fact that the student is an immigrant does not put free competitive premises with the Native American citizens, who can accumulate knowledge in business and legal English much faster. This causes a tremendous disparity between the students in the future. The absence of the stabilization of the linguistic disparity proves the lack of college value.

Personal Position
The primary value of college indicates the moment of persuasion related to the job application. The organization requires proof related to the academic and internship, apprenticeship achievements. The identified consideration can provide an applicant with a privilege over the competitors. The absence of a college education indicates the enhancement of the student’s self-education. In this case, the person can intend to create a startup and experience a flop. The reason indicates the absence of systematized knowledge, which can be obtained through the course of marketing, business studies, law, etc. The reason for the emphases of the presented counterargument is that, thus, college does not enhance personal characteristics – it provides a background of knowledge, which enhance professionalism and so increases the competitiveness as the individual knows how to measure risks and benefits, what theory, tactic, and strategy to apply to achieve the best result. Therefore, the value of college should not be diminished as it sustains human competency and the ability to preserve the clarity of mind during critical decision-making due to the obtained knowledge.

Context for Personal Position
College education provides the maximized adaptation of the student to the language. Four-year studying promotes fluency in speaking, oral, and written understanding of the theme of the course. It is essential to consider that the selection of the courses determines the lexis, which will be applied. Political science involves political theories, Business Studies present its concepts, etc. The key specificity indicates that the courses enrich the vocabulary of the students enhancing the cohesion of their utilization of professional language. The position is essential as it vindicates the essential position of the official status of English. The counterargument to the opponents of college education postulates a question: What language should be applied then? The governmental officials are obliged to involve linguistics to alter the overall grammatical and vocabulary structure for the development of a brand new language. The next moment, the hypothetical process of language alteration will raise public outrages because of the infringement of the racial ethnicity (e.g. words of White people present 56%, the words of African American/Asian/Hispanic ancestry is 23%). The data is hypothetical and is used for the proclamation of the upcoming issues related to the forced language change. The identified position relates to Nicholas Kristof’s satirical argument on banning guns: “Cars kill people, too, so why not ban the cars?” (para 5). Therefore, college education should not be diminished as it enhances the linguistic proficiency of international students.

The analyzed proponent counterarguments can be valuable in terms of reaching the compromise on the identified controversies. Regarding the personal position of comparison, college education as a background of the required knowledge indicates the overall intensification of the college load by enhancing real-world interactions and involvement of the apprenticeship with the organizations to enhance practical knowledge. The next benefit indicates the intensification of the linguistic courses focusing on the extra-curricular activity for obtaining additional knowledge in specialized English.

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