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Through research, social psychologists such as Bandura and Meichenbaum attempt to understand the conditions under which people notice an inconsistency and the conditions under which they will attempt to reduce it by changing significant attitudes. Studies support the consistency-theory prediction that the attitudes of a person about a group of people can often be changed by inducing the person to change his or her behavior toward the group; the attitude change represents the efforts of the person to bring his or her ideas about the group into agreement with how he has just acted toward its members.

Compton Encyclopedia has this to say an adolescent has a great deal to think about. This is the time of seeing other people in an objective way, of weighing oneself against others.

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Popularity in the social group, accomplishments or failures in school, how one looks compared to others of the same age – all these can cause anxiety. There is social and family pressure to plan for further education and to decide on the work area that one will enter, and the adolescent is seldom clear about what he or she wants to do. What some adolescents would most like to do – “hang out” and entertain themselves with friends – is not always acceptable to their parents. As one reaches the last years of high school, however, the adult view of planning and working for the future gradually becomes more sensible to the adolescent.

Adolescents are often both the targets of change and the agents of change. This is dramatically illustrated by the speed with which styles in clothing, slang, entertainment, and consumption change. Moreover, adolescents are often among the first to utilize technology that has been invented by segments of the adult community. Through exposure to computers and other electronic devices, for example, adolescents can become more literate and accomplished than their elders.

Attitudes and interest are closely related concepts, however attitudes subsume interest. Interests are attitudes, which cause a person to seek more activities in a given area. For example if a pupil is interested in school he/she will exhibit positive attitudes towards school and education and the latter their schoolwork. Attitude are required through experiences, which have a profound effect on the pupil. More than other forms of learning, attitudes are transmitted through the process of imitation. Parents and their environment can cause pupils to adapt their attitude toward a thing or person by their bodily posture, facial grimaces toward that object or person. It is therefore important that desirable attitudes, attitudes about school, teachers, schoolwork, and education be learned early in life. Unless a pupil has a favorable attitude towards school, he/she will just occupy a seat in the classroom and teaching him/her can be quite difficult.

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