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Bauhaus movement showed us that we live in a new industrial era, and that any product – from an ashtray to the city – should reflect this lifestyle.

Bauhaus movement is the biggest event in world culture, originated in a well-known architectural and artistic design school. Bauhaus movement had great influence on modern shaping design.

Bauhaus was established in 1919 in the small German town of Weimar, the cultural center of Saxony, as a result of the reorganization of located there the Academy of Applied Arts and School of Fine Arts as a public institution of a new type. Its founder and first director was a talented young Berlin architect Walter Gropius.

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The origins and formation of the Bauhaus movement was closely associated with public upheaval that began at the end and as a result of the First World War. Germany experienced a serious economic crisis. The economy in the decline needed a radical transformation. The country lagged behind many other in the struggle for markets, prompted seriously address the issue of the quality and competitiveness of industrial products. Their level was so low that the UK government required compulsory indication of the products made in Germany, believing that would avert English buyer.

All this created the objective conditions for the search for new principles of formation of industrial goods that could change this situation.

On the other hand, the October Revolution in Russia, followed by the November revolution in Germany in 1918 caused a stir creative activities aimed at finding new revolutionary ideas, intensifying political activities, in which actively participated artists and intellectuals. Despite the fact that pioneers of the Bauhaus movement did not share common opinion in matters of art and world outlook, yet their socially defined goals exerted a strong influence on religious disputes in the arts of the time. Inevitably, this led to the clashes with the reactionary forces seeking restoration of Germany. From the first days of its existence, the Bauhaus was forced to fend off the attacks of the conservative middle class, chauvinists and last, deposed monarchy. After six years in Weimar, becoming a bulwark of reaction, the Bauhaus was forced to move to a friendly Dessau in 1925. But there too, seven years later, the Nazis, who seized the executive power in the city, replaced him. In 1932, the Bauhaus was forced to move to Berlin, where it permanently ceases to exist, after the victory of fascism in 1933.

To better understand the activity exercised by Bauhaus movement it may be helpful to look through some free essays on the topic, as well as to carefully investigate the history of the movement and the contribution it made in modern art and culture.

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