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Free Essay on Beowulf

Beowulf is an excellent story about a king named Hrothgar who has a stunning empire and foyer called Herot built for his soldiers. A man-eating monster named Grendel is petrifying Hrothgar’s kingdom. Every night he arrives to kill King Hrothgar’s men. The beast comes to murder anyone its claws can grasp.

Finally, words broaden about the monsters ferocious visits. Beowulf, the Great, comes to Hrothgar’s kingdom he and his men and offers to kill Grendel. Hrothgar remembered he helped Beowulf’s father Ecgtheow, so he welcomes him. During his visit, a man named Unferth tries to get into an argument with Beowulf by accusing him of losing a swimming contest with a man named Brecca. Beowulf tells the story of his heroic victory in the competition, and the group celebrates his bravery.

Beowulf then fights Grendel and tears his arm out of his socket and kills him. (Grendel dies later on after he escapes from Beowulf but Beowulf is the reason why he died.) Grendels, the mother then comes wanting vengeance for her son and kills Hrothgar’s best friend, Aeschere. When Beowulf is called to the hall, he finds Hrothgar in grief for his friend. Beowulf then goes to the burning lake and jumps in to see Grendel’s mother. He kills her and cuts off her head and sees Grendel and cuts off his head.

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The name of the story is called “Beowulf.” In the beginning, Scyld Scefing was an orphan, and he got lucky and became ruler. Hrothgar was his great-grandson, and he was a noble king. Hrothgar built a mead hall named Herot for his soldiers because they had won a lot of wars. Then one night this monster had came named Grendel. Grendel was descendant of Cain, and he was evil.

He went on the evening will the soldiers were drunk and slept and killed about thirty of Hrothgar’s men. For nearly 12 winters he came and was killing the soldiers. Then Beowulf the Great came and told Hrothgar that he would help him since he helped his daddy awhile back. So Beowulf and his men went to eat then a guy named Unferth came and was trying to hate on Beowulf saying that he was lying about the swimming contest between he and Brecca. So Beowulf told his story, and Unferth was jealous that a man came to his town to do a job he couldn’t do.

Finally, Beowulf meets Grendel because they were all in Herot pretending to be asleep, then Grendel came and kicked in the doors and snatched up one dude then he grabbed Beowulf and Beowulf got his arm and held it tight. Grendel then got scared, and all he wanted to do was leave, but he couldn’t because the man had him in his grasp. Beowulf rips off his arm, and Grendel crawls home and dies. Well, his mother found him, and when the soldiers were in Herot, she came and killed Hrothgar’s best friend and takes back Grendel’s arm. Then Beowulf had to jump into the burning lake where she lived and fight the mother. He ends up cutting her and Grendel’s head off and bringing it back on the sword called Hrunting. After then Beowulf has to fight this dragon because someone stole an item from the treasure he was guarding.

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