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For thousands of years, it has been widely believed that divine beings created the Universe around us. Throughout countless civilizations and cultures, accounts of how gods brought everything into existence have been essential aspects of each of their religions. Even in modern day Christianity, the belief that God created the Universe has been strongly held.

However, as science has progressed in our modern age, newly found evidence like the cosmic background radiation and Einstein’s general theory of relativity have indicated that the Universe had not been a creation of god but that of a phenomenon known as the big bang. This is the moment in which the Universe originated from a single point in a spectacular explosion, throwing matter and energy in all directions.

Many problems exist in divine creation. Numerous inconsistencies lie within the accounts of divine creation that cannot be explained by science or logic. Christianity, for example, has a written account of the creation known as Genesis found in the Holy Bible.

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The first section of genesis tells of how god created the earth and the heaven, yet does not tell of how God created the Universe. In fact, no explanation of how the Universe itself was created can be found in the Bible, as it had not been discovered at the time Genesis was written. God creating the Universe couldn’t have been anymore than an assumption that was made once objects outside our world was discovered.

The accounts of Genesis itself are inconsistent with what we already know about the Universe. According to Genesis, the world began as water. In six speedy days, God created the world, spending only a fraction of that time creating the rest of the Universe. It was on the third day of creation that “God made the two great lights, the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night; he made the stars also” (Holy Bible, 1; pt. 1, sec.1). The creation of the stars seems insignificant even though we know that the stars basically make up Universe itself. It was on the second day of creation that God said,  “Let the waters under the heavens be gathered together into one place, and let the dry land appear” (1; pt.1 sec.1). This happened before the creation of the stars. From our modern knowledge of stars, we know that most of them are far older than the Earth, so how is it possible that dry land appeared before the stars? Assuming that this was possible, why did it take God six days to create the world, and only a mere fraction of the third day to create the stars, and therefore the Universe, which is almost infinitely larger than the world? The creation of the Universe could not have been created the way Genesis describes.

The big bang theory is a far more plausible explanation for the creation of the Universe. Many scientists in the twentieth century have contributed to the idea of the big bang. Albert Einstein’s general theory of gravitation and Edwin Hubble’s observations have shown that the Universe is expanding, so it must have originated at a signal point. The cosmic microwave background radiation discovered by Arno Pensias and Robert Wilson, which can be found in all directions, could not be explained by any known phenomenon except the big bang. This radiation was probably created when the big bang caused the matter in the Universe to be super-heated, causing them to emit the microwave radiation that can still be seen today. Until new evidence can be found, the big bang theory is the only explanation that can account for these things.

Although divine creation has been a far older belief, it is by no means more correct. Throughout our civilization, age-old beliefs have been changed to match new discoveries. It is ridiculous to believe that the Sun revolves around the Earth, and even more ridiculous to believe that the Earth is flat, yet in the past, people were sure that both were true. The big bang may too replace the old beliefs of divine creation.

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