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Free Bioreactors essay:

The developments in biotechnology have now emerged with efficient and cost effective means of industrial production of important substances and intermediates. An important area is in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products. It is needless to mention that many of the drugs and intermediates imported from the west prove to be unsuitable and often toxic for the Indian conditions. It is also needless to say the price of the common drugs must be placed at costs affordable by the entire population. In this and other related application it is imperative to start with a bioreactor capable of growing cultures at well-controlled process parameters under precise conditions. This involves the use of a stainless reactor vessel in which the reaction takes place. The vessel and all the associated parts need to be sterilizable at the desired temperature for the desired duration. The process parameters in such an application includes pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature, dissolved carbon dioxide, foam, agitation etc. All these parameters need to be accurately monitored and controlled to obtain the right product within the desired tolerance.

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Considerable amount of engineering input and design is required for the fabrication of such a plant. At the moment most of the potential users import such plants at enormous costs. The cost of the controllers contributes substantially to the overall cost of the system.

The commercialization of bioproducts is dependent on the ability to quickly translate bench-top schemes to industrial scale processes. Success requires reliable and versatile lab scale and pilot scale controllers with which meaningful scale-up data can be collected and various strategies can be implemented. The entire process can then be scaled up for commercial production. Ultimately, how well the process status can be analyzed and the optimum set of controlled environmental conditions determine the effectiveness of the scale-up. Thus highly advanced industrial grade digital controller and an efficient and intelligent computer supervisory system are at today’s forefront of new monitoring and control techniques keeping a high mass transfer efficiency always in mind.

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