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On Dec 12th 2002 Jonathan Wales family meet with a tragic accident. Their station wagon turned twice after being hit by a water tank trailer leaving the entire family in an intensive care unit. Survival was a possibility if blood was available, unfortunately it wasn’t. Think about your mum…your brother…What if they were caught in this accident and What if they were in need of blood …and What if blood wasn’t available! I believe too few people donate blood…it’s about time we teens start lending a hand for the benefit of others and for ourselves.

The most frequent question I ask myself is why should we try and preserve blood when we don’t value it enough. What I’m meaning to say is that usually we teens carelessly loose out on a lot of our blood through things such as bleeding gums, bruises etc, but yet when it comes to loosing out on blood through donation most of us take a few steps backwards. The reason could possibly be due to fear of being infected or diseased from donating blood. This is truly a negative mindset for needles and other equipments used during donation are sterilized and discarded after being used once.

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The American Association of Blood Banks stated that although donors feel uneasy after donating blood yet there are absolutely no health risks associated with donating also on the other hand the human body averages 10 – 12 pints of blood therefore we can easily afford to spare some. Truly, the blood that flows through our veins is extremely precious there is no substitute for blood. No matter how far technology has taken us yet volunteer donors are still very much in need. Blood donation is looked as a form of charity one which is not equal ant to money. For money is the gift of luxury where as blood donation, which holds a far great rank, is the gift of life. Life South Community Blood Center quoted “One single pint is a silent, priceless gift to one another a gift hope, laughter and love, a gift of life”. Your blood donation is given out of kindness the donor is not bond with obligation, the gift gives people of different societies the fighting chance at life.

Every time you walk into a blood bank to donate your blood you are not only bringing a smile on a single individual but instead several. For the blood you donate is separated into three components red blood cells, plasma and platelets. And also white blood cells as well as cryoprecipitate can be made from a pint of blood. Patients will only receive the blood component their body lacks. For instance cancer patients may only need platelets and burn patients may only need plasma. Just think by only devoting twenty minutes in donating blood you can help bring a number of smile on the patient in need as well as their family members who will always bear a life time of gratitude. Gifting blood is for sure a benefit towards the ill but have you ever though of the benefit you receive in turn. True you initially receive a sense of harmony; acknowledgement that this good deed preformed by yourself has helped wipe out all your bad deeds and has helped bring a smile of several individuals. Yet at the same time surprisingly it is also helps save your life in the short and long run. Well, your life is saved in the short run for every time you donate blood a lot of information about you is extracted. Confidential questions are asked your health history and your lifestyle. A lot of other testing are also run in order to be perfectly sure that the blood you donate will risk your health or the health of the receiving end. Through all these free tests run you might save your own life for it may uncover a condition in you that need treatment. In the long run blood donation is believed to reduces the risks of a heart disease, especially in men. Jerome Sullivan, M.D a researchers at the University of Florida believes so for each time you donate blood, iron is extracted from the body and this is good! For Sullivan believes that that high blood iron levels can increase the risk of heart disease. Iron speeds the oxidation of cholesterol a process that increases the damage to arteries that eventually leads to a cardiovascular disease. For example, a study of 2,682 men in Finland reported in the September 1998 issue of the American Journal of Epidemiology. Men who donated blood at least once a year had an 88 % lower risk of heart attacks than no donors. Another study published in the August 1997 issue of Heart found that men who donated blood were less likely show signs of a heart disease than people who did donate. What Sullivan proposes yet has to undergo great amount of research in order to be finally proven yet there is always the though that what he has stated just may be true and therefore a great benefit for us in the long run.

Finally here is just one story of a baby who has special reasons to celebrate her life because of blood donors. Seriously teens all it takes is twenty minutes of your time to give our society and may be also one of your own family members the gift of life. It’s one of the greatest deeds and experiences you must go through. I hope that someday you’ll will either form a campaign or join one in order to donate apart of you so that you can make a difference in others as well as yourself.

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