Brazil and US Economic Relations Essay

Media sources gather information that enables them to interpret the situation and report to the audience. They endorse different strategies, such as framing and media setting to capture the attention of readers and convey their interpretation of the news. For example, Fox News media reported the economic relationship between Brazil and the US. They described how the US government shutdown created ripple effects on Latin America’s leading economies which comprise of Brazil and Mexico. The article explained how the US shutdown caused an economic increase in Brazil, while Mexico experienced a fall in economies.

The Fox News provide the reports of economist and analyst regarding the economic relationship between the US and Brazil. They describe the reasons why Brazil experienced economic rise after the shutdown whereas Mexico faced economic failure. Fox News indicates that the speculation that shutdown delayed the US Federal Reserve’s stimulus programs that introduced discounted US dollars into the emerging markets caused the value of Brazilian currency to increase. They explain that the increased demand of the Mexican products in the US caused the value of Peso to decrease.

The Fox news interpreted and reported how economic activities in one country affect others that are economically linked to it. For example, Mexico relies on US and northern neighbors, while Brazil possesses economic and political independence on the world stage. The diversity reflects the reasons why the US shutdown affected Mexico negatively, while Brazil benefited from the activity. The news explains that the US and Brazil had a strained relationship because of the controversial national security agency revelations regarding spying. The interpretation of the report allows the audience to understand the information and learn the economic changes in different countries. The media setting and framing that Fox news use express the relationship between the US and Latin American countries.

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