Sales Report Business Essay

How has been the declining trends of sales of Harley-Davidson bikes, and what can be done for the company to regenerate to its normal sales as well as to enhance them?

Globally, the sales of Harley-Davidson bikes have been declining. For instance, sales reduced by 6.8% during the initial half of 2019. Specifically, USA sales recorded a drop of 6.5%. Sales also reduced by 6.1% in North America and 26.2% in India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. In Mexico, sales went down by 12%, 9.6% decline in Western Europe, and a 13.6% loss in Asia (“Harley-Davidson Global Performance 2019″). This has raised an alarm to the company making it strategize on ways to improve on sales performance.The company has improved the structural formation of its bikes from old fashion to modern bikes that are more powerful and fast. With these improvements, sales could improve since the machines have prowess characteristics. Again, Harley-Davidson has established a manufacturing company in India in order to cut the costs of manufacturing. Current sales of bikes in India represents 0.9% of the global sales (“Harley-Davidson Global Performance 2019″). The move of having the company in India is likely to improve sales.

From a review of customers’ comments on Harley-Davidson bikes, it is apparent that there is a degree of dissatisfaction from experience with the bikes. As highlighted, customers complain about inferior spare parts such as clutches and rims which last for a short time. There is a problem of late delivery of the spare parts once ordered by the customers (“Harley-Davidson”). This can potentially reduce the sale of bikes due to inferior products and poor customer service. However, there is an opportunity for the company. Harley-Davidson should manufacture superior products that last long. Making the bikes’ spare parts accessible to customers has relevance since the bike owners will easily find them. The aftermath will be increased sales of the bikes.

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