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The American self image is a much debated topic. The way we judge ourselves and others has a lot to do with what society has chosen. If society picks tall, skinny and attractive people to be what is considered successful, then those who fit the traits are going to be successful. A hero, however, has his or her own traits . A hero can be the boy next door, or a nobody. In the movie Casablanca, Rick Blaine (played by Humphrey Bogart) is the hero. He fit’s the American self image of a hero. He is what he is and not what others want him to be. The key to personal success is being who you are no matter what people say about you. I think that in the movie Casablanca Rick has personal success because he does good things in the end for other people. He seems very unselfish.

Rick Blaine’s character is of a man who puts on this cold-hearted act, but actually has a heart full of love. It is not know why men do this. (I don’t know because I am not a boy) He acts as if he does not care about anything and that nothing will really affect him. He acts as if losing Ilsa again will not affect him like it did the previous time. American girls, for some reason, find the bad boy attractive. There is something about rebels and trouble that seem to interest quite a few American women.

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I think the reason Ilsa loves Rick so much is because she knows that she can never have him. Its hard to find someone that you can spend the rest of your life with, and when you think that you have found the one something always happens that makes it not work out. The guys that don’t want to settle down and don’t want to be serious with girls are usually the guys that girls want to be with. On the other hand the guys that are no good are the ones who usually come through in the end and become the so called “Hero”.

When I think of a hero, a tall decent looking guy comes in to mind, kind of like Brad Pitt. The cute guys are not always the hero, such as Rick in Casablanca. He is not gorgeous but is not hideous. He has the qualities in which Americans in general consider hero material.

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