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Critical Thinking and Decision Making Essay

Free essay on Critical Thinking and Decision Making:

Defined by my text, critical thinking consist of the awareness of a set interrelated critical questions plus the ability and willingness to ask and answer them at the appropriate times. Decision-making is defined as steps one takes to obtain a solution to a particular problem or question. Parents try to enforce the importance of decision making into the minds of they’re children from the time that they are born. We are told continuously growing up by parents as well as teachers that the decisions we make today can and will effect our lives tomorrow and forever. Although they may have been speaking on a smaller scale, such as doing your homework or cleaning your room, as adults the saying continues to ring true. The decisions we make today will affect our future.

To me, critical thinking is analyzing and giving careful consideration to a decision that is about to be made. Decision- making is simply deciding an action on an area of thought. Unlike critical thinking decision-making is not a necessarily positive thing. In all the advice given by parents and teachers on decision-making, the actions that are needed to make good decisions was rarely taught or explained. Just because someone has decided on a course of action or opinion does not mean that the decision made is the best decision. It is possible to make a bad decision regardless of how careful you may think you are.

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For this reason, critical thinking and decision- making are directly related to each other. As defined by the text critical thinking is an awareness of steps that must be asked and answered at a certain time. This particular time is the actual step that is mentioned in the definition of decision-making. To be more specific I must say good decision- making. When attempting to make the best decision going through the critical thinking process is mandatory. Asking the critical questions and exploring all avenues of the outcome each explored avenue will produce is critical thinking. The decision made after all avenues are explored is not only decision-making, but also good decision making.

The biggest benefit to using to the critical thinking process before making decisions or opinions is that the process assures you that the opinion you make or decision is that of your own. Taking on someone else’s opinion or view is a common mistake. Whether it is the news media or a simple finance report, we are constantly being swayed by the author to take they’re side and or views on issues. This is why it is also important that we have an objective attitude when reading and viewing issues to ensure that we do not hamper the critical thinking process with preconceived ideas that belong to someone else. Carefully considering your critical questions will assist in this by helping you decide what is fact and what is opinion.
The critical thinking process is definitely absent in a few areas of my company. The most evident area to me is the corporate office’s continuous change in system procedure. Someone will complain that a procedure can be changed and made much easier for them to do thier job. After not enough consideration the change will be made. Often times this would be something that was suggested and tried in the past and for very good reason, was unsuccessful and changed. I fell that often times management in the company make procedures based on research, but fail to ask the people who will be directly affected by the changes they make or procedures put in place. Often this is neglected because of the not being able to please everyone clause. Although that is understood, sometimes the person who actually performs that duty may have ideas or suggestions that would benefit everyone involved. I feel that my company should rethink the questions that are sometimes used when going through the critical thinking process. This would save time, money and maybe even good employees.

Critical thinking and decision-making are dependently on each other. One is needed to effectively and positively do the other. When taking into consideration the most important lessons learned, good critical thinking skills would have to be one. As I excel in my professional as well as personal life, I have learned how important it is to use the critical thinking process and to go into each decision open minded with a good attitude.

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