Culture and Ethnicity Essay

My culture is the American culture, and being of this culture, one is provided with many choices, when it comes to choosing the religion in which one wants to be in. Examples of beliefs in the American culture are Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Jewish, and Mormon. Culture variations are seen in the types of food, clothing, moral codes, marriages, and language. These ideas are expressed in a person’s actions and in the way they speak (Rubinstein, R. 2018). These kinds of factors that is very distinctive, from one culture to the next. However, in American culture, the ways things are done do not completely distinguish the culture from others, because of the diversity that exists in it. According to common knowledge, America’s population rose to what it is now because of immigration. In pursuit of the American dream, people from all over the world have migrated to America to seek greener pastures and a result, some of the traditions of the American culture become extinct as others are introduced due to interracial interactions.

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With that in mind, the religion that I chose is Christianity. It is the most dominant religion in America, followed by Islam. It is the most dominant because it has many denominations and there also various types of Christians. The different kinds of Christians are; Protestants and Roman Catholics. The two are differentiated in a way that the Roman Catholics have a belief system where they pray to Mary the mother of Jesus while the Protestants only pray to Jesus. The central belief system in Christianity is the fact Jesus died for everyone where Christians or not, thus giving them a chance to be obedient to God’s teachings so as not to be punished by Him. According to the analogy, Jesus who was the son of God gave away his life as a bargain for human life. That being a dominant faith, and the way it is expressed may raise many questions like what the people did in order to be punished and why is God so important to humans such they had to follow what he said and why are the people so important to God that he would let his son die for the people that he saw as sinful. These questions would be answered by the underlying belief system where it is believed that God made the heavens and the earth in seven days and created human beings to enjoy it (Chatters, 2018). However, the first two that were created went against God’s commands, and thus the rest of their generation were cursed by God himself and would be saved by sacrificing life, and Jesus became the saviour of humanity.

One of the gender differences in the American culture, regarding roles, is that in a marriage setting, the man has to provide while the woman takes care of the home and the husband’s which does not mean that a woman should not work. Secondly, the woman has to let the man make decisions for the family because a man is the head of the family. Thirdly, the man is supposed to take care of the woman in all manners, and he should ensure that her concerns are considered, which is expected in a marriage setting (Farrell, 2018).

By promotion of freedom for both genders in the American culture, it is easy to acculturate in it as it is not as strict as other cultures. In many cultures the women are not allowed to work or express their opinions in the American culture, word has it that the women are even surpassing men in the positions that they have in boardrooms, in the government and some of them also have a higher net worth than the men. So actually, what one needs to know to acculturate in the American culture, is normal things like respect for others and being true to their actions and words because of no one another person’s life in this culture.

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