Essay on Diabetes

The population that is going to be looked at is middle age moving towards the aging population 45-64. This is because it is this population that normally have health problems.

Diabetes is a condition that mostly affects the aging population although in certain circumstances the few members of the young population normally have diabetes. Therefore, the population picked for the purpose of this paper will provide information that will assist in the writing of this paper. The conclusion on settling for this age is because the risk of developing diabetes comes with the increase in age, in that the older you grow the more one is exposed to risks of getting diabetes.

The first process of the nursing process will be carrying out an assessment. An assessment will involve looking at the sociocultural, economic, spiritual, lifestyle and physiological life of the population. This will help in knowing whether the condition is genetic or based on lifestyle (Thayer.). Assessment is like a fact-finding mission because it seeks to ensure that the root cause or possible cause is highlighted. The assessment that will be conducted on the population will be screening, testing, and counseling. This will help to know the exact number of members within the population that are suffering from diabetes. The data that will be collected will from both genders.

Diagnosis is the second step of the nursing process; this involves clinical judgment made to respond to the needs or conditions of the population. The diagnosis phase will be able to show the other health problems that the population has had to endure as a result of having diabetes. It is from this that a diagnosis will be derived based on the other pains that the members of this population feel (Diabetes). The diagnosis varies in this case because the population is comprised of people from various people with different lifestyle and also genes. Therefore, each patient will have a care plan based on his or her condition.

The implementation stage will be done as per the care plan; therefore, the patients’ examination, treatment, and discharge will be done as per the care plan. As stated earlier the care plan needs not to be the same because the population that is being examined is big and, therefore, the patient will be treated based on what is written on the patient’s record. This stage will involve monitoring diet plan, regular exercise and regular check-ups for a member of this population. This will help in dealing with the prevalent cases of diabetes among this population.

An evaluation which is the last stage of the nursing process, the status of the patient and the efficiency of the nursing care will be evaluated continuously to check if the patient is responding well to treatment. This will mean that the population selected will be screened and evaluated on a regular basis just to ensure that they are doing fine.

The intended objective for my chosen community is to ensure that they are reduced to the chased of them getting diabetes. This will be through assisting them on proper diet, encouraging them to take regular exercise and treat early symptoms of diabetes. This will help in improving the life expectancy among the aging population. In that, the rate of death among them will be reduced. It will also help in getting an accurate report on diabetes on this population, this is because studies have been made in general and by narrowing it down it will be easy in handling the sick members of this population.

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