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Changes, you may not think that you have changed in an ordinary day, but change is all around you from how you grow to how one generation changes to the next. How do parents discipline their children?Do parents discipline their children the way they were disciplined? Has discipline change from one generation to the other? Discipline has definitely changed in our culture today, the way students were disciplined in school from 1946-1964 to the way children are disciplined now. Our culture has past through huge changes in the ways to discipline children.

In our culture today parents can not discipline their children as their parents disciplined them. They can not touch their children such as spanking them or hitting them. If parents were to spank their child they may be charged with battery or even child abuse if someone told on them. This is a way a lot of people were brought up, as they were children they were spanked and punished. Now as a parent they want to do the same to their children as their parents did to them to teach them a lesson.

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During the 1946-1964 also known as the Baby Boomers discipline was very strict. Parents could spank, whip, and sometimes even hit their child or children. Today’s culture is much different if parents were to whip their child they would be sent right to jail if anyone found out. Although parents can not whip their child as they were whipped. There are some things parents can say to their children that will let them know what parents expect from them, such as “please put away your toys right now and when you put away your toys, then you can go outside with your friends.” (Adults and Children Together Against Violence)
School discipline these days is not as harsh as it was for the Baby Boomers. During the Baby Boomer generation schoolteachers use to slap the hands of students with a ruler. If they were doing anything such as talking or doing something that was not class related. This would be their punishment for being bad in class. That is a change from now, schools these days do not allow teachers to touch or hit a student in any way or form. Now students are sent to the office or to a detention room. This is where the student obtains their punishment. Sometimes the punishment may be in-school suspension, after school detention, or even out of school detention where the student does not come to school but stays home. This is supposed to be a punishment for students. Not attending school, how is that a punishment for a student that did something wrong? You may think that this is not a punishment at all, but with all the laws teachers are unable to touch, hit, or grab a student. If such were to happen teachers may be fired from the job and even charged with sexual harassment. These punishments for student are not as bad as you think, but if a teacher were to touch a student, the punishment would not be against the student but the teacher that was punishing the student.

Discipline at home and punishment at schools has change magnificently. Our culture has been able to adapt to the change of discipline at home, yet some parents may still spank their children. Parents spank their children only because that was the way that they were brought up. Instead of students being hit with rulers, teachers now are only able to punish student by sending them to the office. There is no more hitting, touching, or grabbing student to punish them. Our culture today will always punish children in some sort of way but it will never be as bad as children were punished during the Baby Boomers generation.

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