Early Job Strategy Essay

The primary goal of any class unit is to equip learners with essential knowledge and insights regarding specific aspects of life. The unit Digital Enterprise and Innovation, the workshop and seminars I will attend will enable me to effectively handle my position as an e-gate officer at in the Information technology section in the Intern ministry. The unit and the experience will provide vital information concerning technological developments in the contemporary period. The content in this unit, seminars and workshop will be instrumental in the effectiveness of my practice in the IT section in the intern ministry. Detailed in this paper is a comprehensive analysis of how seminar, workshops and other concepts that will be obtained in this unit will make me better during my practice in the IT section.

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Workshops and Seminars
Attending workshops and seminars will equip me with more insights and knowledge concerning the overall practice in the IT department. It will provide an opportunity through which I can acquire expert knowledge regarding technological developments. In this case, I can learn about general ICT trends and how they impact the business environment around the globe. Mainly, I will be able to learn about the trends in the network traffic for websites and servers. This will significantly enhance the quality of my services while in the IT section of the intern ministry.

Secondly, I will improve my communication as I relate with people attending these workshops and seminars. The skill acquired will be applied to the IT department. Notably, productive interpersonal relationships are vital in any organization since to facilitate the flow of quality idea between people working in the same workplace. Similarly, effective interpersonal skills acquired while attending workshops and seminars will improve my association with other people working in the IT department. Consequently, the quality of service while managing network traffic will be high.

Thirdly, I will improve my confidence and motivation in this career field. While attending workshops and seminars, I will meet with other people pursuing similar career goals and objective as mine. In the process, I will be able to understand the same challenges we are undergoing and realize the potential of performing exemplarily in the field. It will significantly escalate my zeal towards achieving my goals in the field. Besides, the motivation from experts in the field will be instrumental in heightening our confidence and motivation to work hard. When at the IT section at the intern ministry, I will apply these critical aspects. In this case, I will be able to perform even better and achieve great success by providing quality services.

Also, I will be able to enhance my language use. The workshop and seminar environment will require that I use language while interacting with other attendee and the management team. In this case, I will know to effectively use my language by looking at how other professionals in the field at communicating. While at the IT department as an e-gate officer, I will be able to apply my advanced level in language to effective pass ideas to other professionals within the intern ministry. In the long-run, I will be able to enhance the quality of my services at the facility.

Then, seminars and workshops will grant me an opportunity to assess whether what I already know about technology is true or not. It can be done effectively by expressing my ideas and concepts to other attendees and experts in the field and gauging their feedback. The process will enable to identify areas and weakness and seek clarification promptly. At the Intern ministry, I will able to apply verified concept hence competent at my work. I will be able to use the idea learned while managing traffic in networks and services. Thus, the workshop and seminars will significantly improve my ability to execute my responsibility in the IT section.

Seminars and workshops will also form a suitable ground for networking. I will be able to find other people who have similar career goals and aspirations. In this case, we can relate as friend consult each other various areas that seem challenging. At the Intern ministry, I will still talk network and communicate with them concerning various aspects of our career. I will be able to consult where possible and be assisted on how to handle challenging tasks in the IT section of the facility. For instance, I may focus on some of the most effective strategies for handling the management of traffic on various types of servers. This will ensure continuous learning as i execute my duties at the facility. On the other hand, I will become better and competent in whatever I am supposed in the IT section. Therefore, attending workshops and seminars will make me a better person ideal for the position of an e-gate officer in the IT section of the Intern ministry. This will enable me to build a good reputation with the company and a smooth working relationship with the entire human resources department at the intern ministry.

Reflection on the Learning materials
Through the topic on entrepreneurship covered in the unit, Digital Enterprise, and Innovation, I will acquire ideal knowledge and insights regarding how technological development over time impact on business in contemporary times. Mainly, I will determine how ICT technologies can be used to enhance business in governments and the private sector. At the Intern ministry, I will be able to implement the concept learned in incorporating these ICT technologies as I manage traffic at the government servers and websites. Besides, I will use these insights to look over the entire network infrastructure and ensure that it is operating most efficiently that profits the government or parties involved. Therefore, ideas gained from the entrepreneurship topic will enhance my ability to ensure that service and network infrastructure is operating most efficiently and profitably.

Then also, change management and planning insights that will be gained from this unit will also enhance my ability to incorporate various change concepts in my activities. Through this unit, I will understand the meaning of change management and planning, it necessary and how it can be incorporated in any organization. It is vital in the contemporary organization and government where new challenges are always developing. Thus, new strategies are crucial in curbing those challenges. At the IT section in my Intern ministry, I will be able to incorporate this concept while taking care of the entire network infrastructure and in the management of traffic on servers and websites. For instance, i can be able to implement the concept of senders and receivers. In this case, adjustments can be recommended on how the traffic on government servers and websites is to be controlled. The suggestion can be suggested by senior professionals, and I can take part in the implementation process of the change. In the long-run, insights, skills, and knowledge gained from the unit will be entirely instrumental in enhancing the quality of my services in the IT section of the Intern ministry.

Then also, I will learn about the influence of other factors such as data security, sustainability and digital divide on technological development. In this case, I learn how I can control these factors and enhance the effective functioning of networks and servers. For instance, I will determine how sustainability in terms of the cost of maintaining technologies can affect networks and servers. For example, the cost of technology can significantly make technology unsustainable due to the high cost of establishing and maintaining. At the intern ministry, IT section, I will be able to offer my opinions and suggestion on the kind of technologies to incorporate in the network infrastructure. In this case, I will significantly instrumental in influencing the final decision that leads to establishments of sustainable technologies within the firm. Thus, the information acquired from the topic, the influence of further factors will significantly improve the quality of services that I will deliver while working at the firm.

Lastly, I will learn about e-government strategies in this particular unit while providing me with knowledge regarding various strategies. The topic will entirely instrumental since I will be able to know how to incorporate these strategies in network infrastructure management and consequently lower the cost and improve efficiency. Besides, I will learn how these strategies can be implemented in a way that meets the exact need of the people. Then also, I will be able to understand the impact of these strategies on the general economy of a particular country. At the IT section in the intern ministry where I will be working, I will incorporate the concept of e-government to enhance efficiency and significantly impact on the growth of the economy. For instance, I will be able to strengthen the effectiveness of the interface as the people try to access information and services from government networks and servers. Mainly, I will be keen to troubleshoot any anomalies as people try to use the network and servers. This will ensure the e-government services facilitated by the network infrastructure are effective for all citizens using it.

Skills, knowledge, and vital concepts are acquired through learning and experience. Consequently, they enable one to execute their duties in a specific career occupation field effectively. My experience of attending seminars and workshops has been instrumental in enhancing my skills and general knowledge regarding my areas of specialization in IT. For instance, I acquired vital insights regarding technology trends in IT and improved my confidence, communication skills, language use, assess my knowledge and networking. All these will be vital in my practice in the IT section of my intern ministry. On the other hand, the unit, Digital Enterprise and Innovation enable me to learn about e-government strategies, the influence of other factors, insights concerning entrepreneurship, planning, and management of change. All these aspects will be vital in making me better in my duty in the IT section. Therefore, attending seminar and workshop together with the concept that will be acquired through learning the unit will significantly enhance my quality of services at the firm.

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