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Essay on Information Management in Business

Essay on Information Management in Business

Over time science had made tremendous advances in computer and information technology, which certainly increased the computing power of processors and microchips. As computers became popular around the world various companies engaged in mass production of chips, motherboards, CD-ROMs, disk drives, video/audio accelerators etc. Mass production allowed the companies to achieve economies of scale and together with ever growing competition contributed to the fall of prices for hardware. It would not be a mistake to note that the price of a computer falls by about 50% ever year (Staley, 2002). Usually it takes about 3 years to make a computer fully outdated. Thus, one can say that the cost of hardware falls with time providing a consumer with an unprecedented opportunity to buy more computing power or disk storage space with less dollars.

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IT manager assesses what needs to be done based on the corporate requirements in technology. Depending on the industry, each company needs more or less information technology to communicate effectively. After the needs for IT technology are defined by the corporate management, it is the IT managers role to assure that the organization has a well develop IT system to serve it efficiently for years. So to assure that the IT system is right for this particular company it is the IT managers, top managers and middle level managers as well as regular staff workers who should participate and describe their needs for technology to be implemented (Campbell-Kelly 2003).

Speaking about the size of hardware, one should note that it falls as technology progresses through time. The new advances allow production of thinner chips and that miniaturizes computers. Laptops, handhelds, PDAs, and smart phones are the offspring of miniaturization process. Apparently, there are benefits to reduction of size of computers. When computer is small one can take it alone on business trips, install in cars or planes, add it to other conventional devices like fridges, microwaves, or washing machines, let alone smart phones. The reduced size of computers also means less components and more robots working on these computers. In turn that typically means the reduction of price of computers. The only problem of computers getting to small is probably that they could be easily stolen or lost due to their ever-decreasing size. A typical handheld computer now has the computing power of a desktop computer produced some 6-8 years ago. Yet because it is a size of a calculator now, it can be easily lost of stolen.

Increase in power of hardware with time is not surprising taking into account rapid technological development of computers. As a matter of fact computing power doubles every half year, yet such prompt power increase of hardware is believed to stop as people reach the absolute capacity of silicon, an indispensable part of micro chips (Allan 2002). Increase in power for PCs and servers provided IT management with more opportunities. With modern computers one is able to improve efficiency and effectiveness of communication across organization and thus better compete on the market. Still there is one interesting paradox. With increased power of hardware, most programs are created as suboptimal, meaning that programmers no longer care about making a program small and quick-it’s expected that computing power will make it up anyways. The last but not least is the fact that increase in power of hardware allows computers to solve virtually any information problems that a company possesses. Together with decreasing prices and size, such computers add to the company’s effectiveness and competitiveness.

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