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The way in which modern societies are governed the innate human nature has to be good otherwise the societies could not properly function and would never be established. Because the nature of humans is good, people are able to do such activities as go to a movie or take their kids to the park without having to worry about someone and shooting them, or stealing their pets. I know that in this period we are going through as a human race, with terrorists blowing up buildings, snipers killing random people out of cold blood, and our nation on the verge of going to war, it is definitely going to be a lot harder for anyone to make a case that people are born to be good. But I still firmly believe that humans are innately good.

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If they were the situation we are in could be dramatically worse, there would be more killing, more stealing, and the human race would not allow himself or herself to be controlled by anyone. The idea of a government existing to control people would be pointless cause everyone would rebel. It would cause complete anarchy. My main argument as to why the innate human nature is good is merely because I do not believe that we could have ever gotten to the point of establishment and order that the worlds nations have developed today if humans were born to commit evil acts.

Lets imagine what the world would be like today if humans were born to be bad, with no capacity to commit good and kindness. Confucius once said, “Unless men individually embraced the ideal of Jen-humanity, benevolence, or perfect virtue-there was no hope that society could be spared the evil, cruelty, and violence that was destroying it”(Confucius pg16). Nothing in the world would be, as we know it. No one would have that feeling inside your stomach just as you are deciding whether or not to commit an act of evil or break a rule or a law that makes you realize that what you are doing is wrong. The feeling that is preventing you from always doing the first thing that comes to your mind, because your conscience comes into play and you realize you could be hurting your self or someone else. That also means that no one would have the feeling you get when you hear of something bad happening to someone whether you know them or not. That feeling, or conscience is what prevents most people from going on a killing rampage in the street, or kicking someone in the shin who accidentally bumped shoulders with you. Do you believe that you would have those feelings inside of you if your innate nature were bad? No! Therefore a person could never trust the people around them to not take out a knife and cut of their leg for no apparent reason. That trust of complete strangers is what keeps society today in running order. Without that trust, no one would ever feel comfortable and mass chaos would ensue. No one would be able to go out on the street without some kind of protection whether that protection is a sword or knowing karate and it would lead to killing of many people and everyone fighting. Because people are born to be good it is safe to be out on the street and to go out and have fun because everyone has a trust that they will remain safe and nothing bad will happen to them.

We can take into example the wrong way that a society should be run by studying the beliefs of legalists whose government is built around the idea that human nature is bad. The rulers treat their people as if they were all made only to do wrong. They enforce many rules extremely harshly. If someone in a legalist-run country were to be caught stealing, it is very likely that they would have their hand chopped off in an attempt to scare them out of ever doing it again. Where as a Confucianism society would probably put the person they caught stealing in jail as an attempt to rehabilitate them because they believe that it was just a mistake made and it could in time be corrected.

Humans are without a doubt born innately good because the societies we have in our world today just plain couldn’t function with human nature being bad. Human nature also has to be good just because the way the majority of people live their lives. They follow rules that are put in place and live as pure a life as possible, and when an evil act is committed apologies are made and feelings are hurt.

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