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Essay on Wuthering Heights

Free Essay on Love and Tragedy in Wuthering Heights:

It is said that every good story must have love in it. It is also proven that every great story is usually one that contains tragic love. A great example of tragic love is a novel called Wuthering Heights, written by Emily Bronte and firstly published in 1847. In my essay I would like to, initially, provide the reader with some background information about the novel, and then follow up with the introduction of the two main characters. The essay’s major goal is not simply to describe these characters but show the astonishingly poignant and heartrending love story they have shared.

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The story is narrated by Lockwood, who is a newcomer to the Wuthering Heights neighborhood. At the outset of the novel Lockwood goes up to Wuthering Heights Estate in order to meet the neighbors, though he is met more than coldly. Nevertheless, due to bad weather conditions Lockwood has to spend the night at the unfriendly house. Having spent some time there Lockwood realizes that there is a mystery under the roof of the Wuthering Heights and he sets his heart on learning more about it. Luckily for him, the story is revealed to him by Nelly, a servant, who is working in the patrimony. The novel is presented in the form of Lockwood’s diary that describes everything Nelly told him.

Lower I would like to describe Catherine and Heathcliff who with their astonishing love set the central place in Bronte’s novel. Catherine Earnshaw, or Cathy was born in Wuthering Heights and does not imagine her life without the family estate. She is a good looking young lady who tends to be very arrogant and spoiled at times. Though, she amuses the reader with her strong passion for life and the fact that she is not afraid to feel and show her feelings. Heathcliff is an orphan brought to live at Wuthering Heights by Mr. Earnshaw, Catherine’s father. Heathcliff is a quiet young man who has a mortal grip and is often driven by the desire of revenge. He has a very sensitive feeling of dignity and is easily hurt when being insulted about his origin or social level.

From early years Catherine, Heathcliff and Catherine’s brother Hindley are knit by close friendship. Catherine and Heathcliff always feel the affection to each other that later grows into the greatest love that is not meant to be. After Mr. Earnshaw dies, Hindley abuses Heathcliff and treats him as a servant. Hindley does this to Heathcliff only because he is jealous of the attention his father always paid to the orphan. Moreover, Hindley knows how sensitive Heathcliff is when it comes to pride issues and he finds it to be an immense pleasure to see Heathcliff serve as a regular servant-boy.

The situation Heathcliff is put in does not decrease the devotion he and Catherine have for each other. However, after the death of Mr. Earnshaw the financial wellbeing of the family is unsteady. Thus, Catherine has to marry somebody who will support her family financially. Such state of affairs puts Catherine in front of a very complicated decision: to marry somebody who she does not love or to marry Heathcliff who she loves but who she will live in poverty with. At that time Lord Edgar Linton, a rich young man, ready to take Catharine as his wife appears in the novel. Catherine is very confused, she does not known whether she should listen her heart or her mind. This confusion is shown in the book when she is singing her notebook in different ways such as “Catherine Earnshaw, Catherine Linton, Catherine Heathcliff” (Woodford).

After some time Catherine decided to marry Linton no matter how much she loves Heathcliff. The decision she made is painful for her, but she understands that it is the only way it can be. Heathcliff does not know that Catherine’s love for him is so strong, he is only able to see that she is marrying another man. Thus, not being able to stand the situation, he leaves the Wuthering Heights for three years. Having made the capital Heathcliff comes back driven by a desire of revenge. For this purpose he seduces Isabella Linton to gain control of Thrushcross Grange (Linton’s Estate) at Edgar’s death. Catherine cannot stand this and slightly slides into insanity. She starts to be cruel with her husbands, blaming him for ruining her life.

No matter how much the two lovers have to suffer and no matter how much confusion there was in their situation they manage to have one last secret meeting. At that meeting they pour out their passions to one another. In fact this secret meeting is the last meeting the lovers have before Catharine’s death in labor. This is due to the fact that Edgar forbade her to meet up or even correspond with Heathcliff. After her death Heathcliff goes to despair. He never manages to forget Catherine and he even dies, under secret circumstances, on her bed, with the window open (Allott).

Catherine and Heathcliff’s passion and love for one another is the center of Wuthering Heights. Their love is not just one of the cliche loves stories. It is something more. Through the tragic love of these two people the novel portrays that the real love is all-consuming, all-involving, all-absorbing and is not stopped by death.

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