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We were all born as unique individuals from the hair on our heads to the tips of our toes, and therefore we all have diverse personality types. The development of your personality begins from the time you are born: making the qualities, behaviors and characteristics the person you are today. Different people have different personality styles. Because we are so unique we also learn and process differently. Learning styles are they way an individual soaks the knowledge presented to them. Those who choose brain preference, if on the left side are verbal; they classify objects, their passive and receiving, their linear and rational types of people. While the other side of the brain is the visual spatial type, they are experimental, interactive, kinesthetic, circular and intuitive. Another type of preference is sensory. These types like to do “learning by doing,”. They have a good picture memory and they would rather read a book than a map and would read it than hear it. They are likely to be good abstract thinkers. The last learning style is personality. This type of learner is more realistic they like to work with objects and machines. Students learn more and retain information longer when teaching techniques complement students learning styles. This paper will focus on personality preference based on the Meyer Briggs test.

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The MBTI also known as the Meyer Briggs type indicator was used to discover individual’s type of personality. Using the theory of Carl Jung and the four dimensions of personality. Isabel Briggs Myers and her mother created the test in the early 20th century. Their interest in human personality helped them to create an indicator that we still use to this day.

The four dimensions of personality are considered to be 1) extraversion/introversion also known as EI tend to have an interest in the world around them The Extravert (E) is more interested in outer world of people and things, whilst the Introvert (I) is more concerned with the inner world of concepts and ideas.2) Sensing/intuition, SN these types gather information about the world The Sensing (S) person takes in the actuality or facts about their surroundings (using their five senses), whilst the Intuitive the (N) will prefer looking at connections between what’s happening and possibilities that might follow. .3) Thinking/feeling which is abbreviated to TF rely on how to evaluate information The Thinker (T) prefers to adopt logical processes to arrive at an impersonal finding, and the Feeling (F) person evaluates by personal, subjective means. And 4) Judging/perceiving which is also known as JP. Their preference is your attitude to the world. The Judging (J) person prefers an ordered life, with decisions made and conclusions drawn, whilst the Perceiving (P) person takes life as it comes, open to new ideas, not ready to decide. Personality doesn’t tend to change throughout time. The MBTI can apply in the Academic, Career and social aspects of your life.

MBTI (Meyer Briggs Type Indicator) can be applied to three aspects of you life: academics, career and social. You learning styles affect or difference with your teachers. Understanding of your instructors teaching styles can help you better prepare and study for the class. Giving you the advantage. The MBTI can be used to help find a career or job interest. For those of you who are undecided, you can learn your characteristics and significances you obtain. This will better prepare you when you begin job hunting or deciding what you would like to be. Once in a job you will always be working with other people. The Meyer Briggs test can help you determine your personality so that you can have an understanding of others as well as improved communication with in you work environment. No one is perfect therefore the relationship within others and ourselves is not perfect as well. The Meyer Briggs test can help improve communication skills as well as our relationships, personal and work. Communication skills are improved in the sense that when you begin to understand the type of person your teacher is you can get a better idea of what to expect, and since personalities do not change much overtime you will have an easier time in school. The concept of communication also applies in every aspect of social, and academics. Socially you will have better relationships, academically you will better correspond with your co-workers.

The Meyer test is useful in many aspects. The thought of a test being able to help you determine your personality types as well as help you develop socially, academically and career wise is astonishing to me. It is hard to decide what you want to do for the rest of your life. That is why many students are undecided in their major and switch majors constantly but if they could take a test that can give them more of a guideline to who they are and their interests, more students would be less confused and more on track. My type of personality is the INFP (introversion, intuition-feeling, perceiving type) I am the type who cares about learning, language and independent projects of my own. I like to work under pressure I take too much but always manage to finish it. I am friendly and not concerned with possessions or physical surrounding.. The Meyer test is accurate I feel that it has described me very well. The most helpful things I found while doing my research is the career and academic aspect of the MBTI. Applying the test to these topics can save me time and money in school.

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