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Star Tree is an organizational, user interface component that stands on the notion that it is user friendly and efficient. A comparable, but more difficult product to Star Tree is Microsoft Explorer. The objective of both Star Tree and Microsoft Explorer is to provide a way for the user to access multiple items and information without leaving one program. The difference is that Star Tree is designed as a basic informational web. There are no folders to open and search through, as there is with Microsoft Explorer. Star Tree is simply an organized, user-friendly layout that is composed of “nodes” which extend in all directions from the center, or “home node” that is the starting point for research. Another advantage of Star Tree is that it can be color coded for a more straightforward approach to the user. So, who uses Star Tree? Very reputable corporations such as Best Buy and Porsche are two examples of retailers who use Star Tree. Other subscribers are Internet services such as iVillage and

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For, a user can double-click on the “home node” to go directly to its website or if the user wished to research more detailed information such as a recipe for a main dish, he/she could click once on the extended “node” named “Main dish”. From here the user could choose from a variety of main dishes to further his/her research. The alternative to Star Tree for a user would be to go to and use the “search” field in hopes of finding what he/she is looking for.

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