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Globalization is an issue that may hit closer to home than you think, whether it be clearing of the lot across the street to build a new home or the shoes on your feet with a made in Hong Kong tag.. The effects of globalization make this an important issue for almost every human being on this planet. Three important topics effected by globalization that will be discussed in this paper are the natural world (nature), terrorism, and Southeast Asia’s economy.

Globalization has had both positive and negative effects on the natural aspects of our planet. One positive effect of globalization has been the domestication of certain plants and animals. This in turn, has helped produce agriculture, which is why our planet can support the population that it does. The downfall of globalization is that it changes the natural patterns of plants and animals by plowing grasslands, burning woodlands, cutting down forests, and hunting animals. The effects of these changes are forests being devastated, certain plants and animals becoming extinct, and waters sheds denuded.

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Some real life examples of this are the Japanese lumber companies logging in the South American Rain Forests, German pharmaceutical corporations harvesting medical plants in Africa, and poachers killing North American bears who then sell the bears gallbladders on the Asian black market as elixirs and sexual stimulants.

For the United States globalization is a two way street, in one direction it has fueled our countries economy turning the U.S. into a super power, in the other direction it has made our country a prime target for terrorist. The geopolitical realities of globalization have bought both opportunities and risks into the lives of every American. It has also bought political risk and uncertainty as sudden terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon demonstrated in 2001. These attacks were a tragic reminder that the global reach of the United States power and influence makes us a highly vulnerable target, and that our traditions of freedom and openness offer many opportunities for terrorists.

Due to globalization Southeast Asia as a whole has undergone rapid integration into the global economy. A prime example would be Malaysia exporting electronics to the U.S. that are worth 23 percent of Malaysia’s total gross domestic product (one of the highest figures in the world). It is a known fact that Southeast Asia’s globalized economies are extremely dependent on the U.S.. Whenever the U.S’s economy takes a turn for the worst it is reflected in Southeast Asia’s economy. However, one theory is that Southeast Asia’s rapid globalization is due to it’s large quantities of labor (sweat shops) and capital supported by real advances in productivity.

Globalization is not just the kid next door or across the street that you don’t have to worry about, it’s your kid, your responsibility. As you can see globalization effects the lives of every human on this planet, whether it be taking your oxygen away by cutting down your neighboring forest, losing a loved one in a terrorist attack, or being forced to work long hours at next to nothing. Globalization is an important issue, it has it pro’s and con’s, you be the judge.

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