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Free Essay on Homosexuality and Discrimination

Free Homosexuality and Discrimination essay:

Protection laws have been formed, to protect homosexuals against harassment and discrimination. The physical and emotional effects, of harassment and discrimination can be traumatic. Even though many government and business policies have been formed to protect homosexuals against discrimination, they are still physically and emotionally abused because of how society views them.

Recently the number of homosexual related hate crimes has increased. In SanFransisco two gay men walking home, holding hands, were approached by others in a car. The car’s passenger asked why they were holding hands, and some words were exchanged. The driver maneuvered the car, pinning one of the men against a wall. The car’s passenger then got out of the car and shot the man in the chest. (APA). In Minneapolis, a caller made rude comments to two lesbians and said they would be beaten up. Shortly after there home was burglarized and their cars were vandalized. (APA). These are only a couple, among hundreds, of incidents reported last year. An FBI report shows that out of 7,587 bias-motivated crimes, eleven percent are against homosexuals. (APA). Klanwatch is and organization that monitors hate crimes. They say that the actual statistics are much higher. (APA).

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Many psychologists research anti-gay violence. Anthony D’Augelli a psychologist and professor at Pennsylvania State University, studies the extent of harassment of young people. He also studies the impact on their mental health. (AEU). D’Augelli surveyed 194 lesbian, gay, and bisexual youths (ages fifteen to twenty one years) about homosexuality and victimization. “The more people get put upon, the worse they do in terms of mental health,” says D’Augelli. (AEU). Suicide attempts cannot be directly related to victimization. Victimization is verbal abuse, attack threats, and or assaults.

In Anthony D’Augelli’s survey he found that 121 lesbian, gay, and bisexual undergraduates are victimized. Of those 121 undergraduates, eighty percent were verbally assaulted, forty had objects thrown at them, thirty-one percent were physically assaulted, and twenty-two percent were sexually assaulted. (AEU).

These acts lead homosexuals; both closeted and uncloseted, to hide their identity. Emotional stress, social problems, and academic difficulties are costs associated with hiding who you are. (APA). Those who have been personally or had a partner, who was victimized, have high levels of depression, anxiety, and anger related to post-traumatic stress. Society constantly tell us that “gays are bad”, so many people fear gays. (AEU). It is hard to control or even reduce the amount of homophobia in the world. (APA). This inability to control has allowed for the number to buas-motivated crimes against gay to increase. In many of these crimes, the victim knows their assailant.

All students, gay and straight, have an equal opportunity to education in all public education institutions. The school needs to “provide a safe and secure learning environment”. (APA). Open students are in a minority status. In addition, they face harassment and physical violence which leads to a lowered self esteem. On a daily basis gay students, as well as those perceived to be gay, are bullied at school. Of those who are bullied, some are beginning to fight back. (“Criminal…”). Schools are required to support homosexual students. It is believed that by school supporting homosexuals, the mental and psychological difficulties caused by discrimination will decrease. (LawLink). The rate of discrimination against homosexuals has driven many gay students to hide their sexuality. Therefore, the number of open students in school is very low. (“GLSEN”).

In most schools, the number of open students can be counted on one hand. These open students are often insulted. In addition, classmates also throw around homophobic phrases ion classrooms and hallways. (“GLSEN”). When you are an openly gay student, pretty much everyone knows. The fact of everyone knowing that you are gay can lead to you being tormented. To decrease the tormenting many schools have begun to form Gay-Straight Alliances.

Over 800 Gay-Straight Alliances have been formed nationwide. (“GLSEN”). Gay-Straight Alliances do many things for school and those students who attend that school. They lobby in favor of a variety of homosexual causes. They also gain federal and state tax money. A national organization, called PLAG, sponsors lifeline. Lifeline provides up to $500 to a student wish to form a Gay-Straight Alliance at their school. (LawLink). However, staring a Gay-Straight Alliance can be difficult. There are many reasons that it can be difficult to form a Gay-Straight Alliance in your school, including that students meet resistance. It is hard to find a faculty member to support/sponsor the group. Once the difficult part of forming an alliance is done, the alliance begins to do the school some good. Gay-Straight Alliances hole school become a safer place, and creates communication between the groups. After school, gays can face more discrimination on where they decide to go with their lives.

Each year hundreds of men and women join the United States military. In addition, each year 1,000 able body men and women are forced to leave the service. (Koingsberg). By forcing homosexuals to leave the military the United States military wastes twenty seven million in training costs. The Unites States military could save money by letting gays in to the military. Many straight soldiers fear unwelcome advances in showers and living quarters. (Koingsberg). Therefore, discrimination in military is unfair, but necessary. Yet, because the military needs the talents of every person, the United States military has begun a new policy. This policy has four parts: “1. Everyone will be judged by conduct not sexuality 2. Don’t ask, don’t tell 3. You must not break the rules 4.everyone must follow.”(McCuen). Therefore, the United States military may not knowingly admit bisexuals, lesbians, or gays. The 1,000 men and women who are discharged from the military could have talents that the military needs. A military needs the talents of everyone. (APA).

There are many places where gay in the military work. A few countries that allow gays in their military are; France, Denmark, and Sweden. In France in order for a homosexual to be allowed in their military, they have to prove that they are psychologically normal. In the French military homosexuals are still discriminated against and viewed as weird or silly. In Denmark, military service is mandatory. Since Denmark passed the law stating that service is mandatory, there have been no cases of threats in their military. There is no ban on homosexuality in the Swedish military. Anyone who threatens or persecutes gay lesbian or bisexual in the military is “punished with fines and up to two years in jail.” (Koingsberg). Homosexual soldiers in Sweden are prohibited from forming cliques by law. In many countries, homosexuals are also discriminated in the work place.

For those homosexuals who whish to work, the government has set up many policies. It is against the law to discriminated homosexuals in their workplace. It is also against the law to do anything publicly that could encourage hatred. The Equal Employment Opportunity law was amended to include sexual orientation. (APA). In this amendment, they hope to remove misconceptions about homosexuals that have risen in recent years. Homosexuality has NO impairment to personal characteristics such as; judgement, stability, reliability, general social skills, and vocational capabilities. (APA). The question of whether homosexuals should be allowed to be teacher is a hard one, answer greatly by Policy statements on Lesbian and Gay issues.

Homosexuals and the right to become teachers? Homosexuals by law have the right to become teachers. As APA states “no burden shall be placed on these individuals”. Therefore, it is also true that it is against the law to discriminate against gay teachers. (LawLink). Homosexuals are harassed in many different places throughout the world.

Even though many government and business policies have been formed to protect homosexuals against discrimination, they are still physically and emotionally abused because of how society views them. Homosexuals face the terrible effects of harassment and discrimination daily. In the future hopefully society will learn that the only difference between being straight and gay is your sexual preference, and not your mentality.

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