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According to James Marcia adolescence identity achievement can be seen in terms of distinct categories, called statuses (Feldman 414). During adolescent, and early adulthood people explore and experiment with different statuses, until they have reached their set status or identity achievement. There are five distinct identity statuses that depend on whether each of two characteristics, crisis and commitment, is present or absent. Crisis situations are what help people choose between various alternatives and make decisions. Commitment is choosing a course of action and holding on to that chosen course of action. The evaluation of my own personal identity has developed by experiencing different identity statuses over time. Each different identity status played an important role in shaping my current sense of identity.

The first identity status that I experienced was identity foreclosure. I entered this stage at about the age of 17. Identity foreclosure is the status of adolescents who prematurely commit to an identity without adequately exploring alternatives.

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With so much pressure from teachers, parents, and counselors, many high school teens are forced to foreclose on a career and an identity. At this point in my life I had decided that chemical engineering was the only route for me to take. Chemistry and science were my strongest fields of study so a career in engineering was the only way for me to go. My life was all planned out perfectly; however, life had a different plan in mind. I never thought about a back up plan, because my plan to attend a four-year college, graduate, and enter the workforce seemed so easy and attainable. This plan also seemed to keep teachers and counselors from worrying me about career choices.

By the age of 19 my state of foreclosure began to open up. In my 2nd year of college I realize that my once so easy attainable goals were seeming harder to reach. New pressures began to enter my world such as excessive partying, alcohol, and peers who were in a state of identity diffusion. As my grade began to fall and academic scholarships began to fade I saw myself adopting an identity diffusion status. I used college as a place for to have fun and enjoyment first and put academics last on my list of priorities. Goals and values I began to drop and I really did not care about getting back on track.

After my third year in college I realized that graduating in 4 or 5 years would not be possible. The only thing that would bring back my motivation would be a change of scenery. After my third year I decided to become a “Boomerang Child” and move back home. This past summer I was back at home but had no idea on what path to take next. My mind changed several times while trying to come-up with a career decision. This was a time of high anxiety and psychological conflict that is associated with a moratorium status.

Toward the end of this confusing summer I finally made a decision on where to go with my life. After a talk with my mother I was convinced that being a registered nurse was a great career. Now I am on the path to receiving a bachelors degree in nursing while staying in a stable environment. After a long period of crisis in which I explored many statuses I finally found my identity achievement.

It took me four years to find my identity and career path. In doing so I am having the best academic career in my entire college life. I am much more focused and confident in everything that I do. Each identity status played an important role in shaping my life.

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