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With the invention the telegraph, communication shorted its length in time to the receiving end. Messages could now be delivered in a much faster and more efficient way. Then with the advent of the telephone entering into every household, being able to talk to someone through a bunch of copper wires that lived three thousand miles away seemed liked a given. And now we’ve reached yet another stronger state of interconnectedness, the internet. The difference now is instead of filling the phones lines with a limit of person to person chat, an endless arena of cyberspace is constantly being created with an unlimited level of abstraction by the user. And ultimately it is the users in whole that decide where the internet takes us.
In the past thirty years computers have advanced from the size of a filing cabinet to the size of a small commodity that rests in your lap. Its is for this advancement of technology that we now live in the Information Age. Communication and the transfer of ideas through this medium which we call the internet is what starting to press the accelerator pedal toward the increased advancement of our society. How would this thing called the internet play such a large role, by creating an interlinking web of databases around the world to jump to a fro.

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I now have the ability not only to research for the paper that I am writing this second, I can explore any tangents that I might think of and reply to authors’ such works with the provided email. This interlinking between not only people, but more importantly,

thoughts, ideas, research, and any other things unknown to the internet surfer, is what will bring not a collaboration of people, but a collaboration of knowledge at the speed of the light to the household desktop computer.
Not only does this cyberspace create a powerful medium of exchange, but it also created a new kind of market place within and outside of itself. To be able to log onto the internet, an internet provider must be used. In order for the internet provider to be able to connect millions of people at a time to the internet, and extensive amount of computer hardware and software must be developed to support this. Which in turn created competition to create better hardware and software which drives the market place. This only a small side of how revenue and jobs have been created through the internet. But as with any platform of transfer into the household, being a television signal to a streamline of data, entertainment and advertisement seem to leak in to change things. Now these facets, entertainment and advertising, don’t necessarily constitute something of negativity, unless when used beyond its initial equilibrium.
The very word television comes with a very strong connotation of entertainment. In fact when watching television, even including the local news, there is very seldom that a viewer will be able to take with him something to the next day that will provide something useful to the progress of himself other than the thinning of his wallet from the incessant advertising of products that we don’t need. However this is a topic which I shall not continue to get into to not stray from my topic, but to relate to my point, the internet has its world littered with advertisement changing the direction of though toward the internet.

Instead of my utopian idea of all those service providers logging millions of people onto the internet to continue that constant search of knowledge, porno porno porno. The adult industry alone benefited the most when the internet began widen its audience in the 90’s. Not only that, but now people log on to email their friends and find false companionship in a chat room for hours at a time, or posting an add on a personals page to find that special someone a that guaranteed lowest price. It is not my point that these venues in cyberspace taint the internet, but more that the internet is a reflection of the users that click their mouses upon it.
So much good can and is pouring out of this fairly new arena that we have now come to embrace. An extremely useful tool in education and communication, and also something which can give food to our greedy desires. A machine to not only bring about an almost endless bounty of progression and positivity, but also with the dualism providing an idle state for the viewing of entertainment.
Mankind started out by traveling in numbers, by creating communication in a limited sense at that time to create the progress of that particular group. The communication of man, I believe, was probably the main factor in contributing to where we stand today. The internet has created yet an even stronger way to communicate, or to put it better, share the common wealth of intellect. To look at it this way, this is by far the biggest advancement toward progression at our current epoch. However, to look at it this light means that every other web surfer would have to as well. And not to say that they all don’t, but I feel too much might be taken for granted with potential pushed aside for entertainment purposes.

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