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The Senator’s of Rome murdered Julius Caesar by stabbing him with daggers. They felt they had to kill him to prevent him from ruling and to save Rome. Caesar’s pride, carelessness, and arrogance led to his demise, and he blindly drove others to this end with his own actions.

Caesar’s pride contributed to his downfall. He saw himself as the fearless General who could not be defeated, and as the perfect ruler who was never wrong. His pride in his actions was what people feared the most of him because he had no fear of the consequences of his actions. In reality, Caesar was a tyrant who could not make decisions, and who thought he was much greater than he was. When Caesar is asked to pardon Metellus Cimber’s brother, Caesar tells them that “like the northern star” he cannot be swayed from his true course, and he will not pardon him. Caesar believes this shows his greatness and his abilities to be a strong ruler, but Caesar is not decisive or strong. When he was first asked to go to the Senate, he could not make up his mind on such an important issue.

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Caesar’s carelessness comes in when he fails to realize that his Senators are plotting to kill him. He pays little attention to what is going on around him or to the warnings that something is wrong. The Senators did not like Caesar or respect him, but he was too preoccupied with meaningless things to take notice. Caesar was extremely superstitious and much of his attention was spent on understanding dreams and omens. Calpurnia tries to warn Caesar to stay inside on the day of his death because of a disturbing dream. Caesar agrees, but later is convinced by Decius that the dream means he should go out that day. His careless actions and attention to superstition instead of reality result in his death.

Arrogance blinded Caesar to the truth of himself and what was happening around him and also led to his downfall. Caesar believes himself to be superior to all others and even immortal. He compared himself to “the northern star” or something heavenly. He saw his military powers as undefeatable when he said “I came, I saw, I conquered!”. Caesar believed that people only needed one strong ruler, and that he had all the characteristics required of such a great ruler. He was unwilling to listen to others and believed he always knew the right answer. Caesar says that he preferred to die one death than die countless times as a coward. There are many more examples of Caesar’s arrogance and self-importance which more than anything led to his murder.

Caesar was murdered to save Rome according to the Senator’s. While Caesar had many talents, his pride, carelessness, and most of all his arrogance, would have caused far more problems for Rome than any good he might have done.

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