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I am writing this paper in order to display my ideas about the works of literacy in print. I have come across many different aspects in my learning that have influenced my thoughts and visions. I will be using findings as my belief for putting literacy into practice at the Elementary level. I will include in my writing different teaching techniques‚ a list of the Indiana Literacy Standards‚ ways to assess student learning‚ and addressing both early language learning and development and upper elementary instruction.

Children at the early stage in learning need many outside influences to guide them in the right direction. I have seen students positively and negatively affected from interaction and introduction to learning at home. I feel very strongly about encouraging parents to start their children early on reading. Reading is a fundamental skill that all people should possess. Even if the parent just take the time to talk to their child daily, so they become immersed in language. Then once the child develops speech they can begin learning the alphabet. I feel that this is a great home basis for parents to give to their children prior to entering a classroom setting. I also know that television has had a large impact on child development. The introduction of children’s programs such as Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers Neighborhood were great motivators and teaching tools in the home.
Once the child has those skills understood it is time for the teacher to step in and play their role. First, the teacher should establish an idea as to what prior knowledge all he children in the classroom have been given. Once there is a place to start letter/sound association should begin. Knowing what letters create what sounds is a wonderful thing to know so a child is capable of sounding a word out on his/her own. The more we encourage a child to learn on their own the more apt they are to retain that knowledge.

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I have found that the best way for children and really anyone to learn a topic well is to almost require them to seek out the answer because they want to know. It is easier to do this with younger children because they want to feel included and they need these basics skills to do so. The best learning comes from interest. I have also noticed that many children will be very competitive. They feel superior or inferior to other children that they interact with on a daily basis.

I believe that the primary elementary level teachers should focus on spelling as a way to continue working on sounds corresponding with letters. The English language is one of the most complex and difficult to understand. The more children are immersed in words they will come across in every day speech the better understanding they will have of proper pronunciation and spelling. I have noticed that many teachers have weekly spelling lists for students to work on at home and in class. Then at the end of the week they will be quizzed over them. I have also seen teachers that give a pre-test on Monday of a week and those words that the students already know they won’t have to regurgitate on the final quiz/test at the end of the week. I think that I would lean more toward a pre-test and post-test because then the students can feel good about themselves for knowing their information. This is a type of reward system for students.

There are also many other challenges that face today’s educator. Students in a regular classroom today have gradually become more and more socially, culturally, physically and cognitively diverse. Inclusion has played a big role in learning differences that are found in any given classroom. Physical handicaps and students from other culture regions are going to present the biggest challenge to teachers attempting to teach literacy ideas to children. Since most children at an early age grasp concepts from example, it may be difficult for some to understand ideas if they don’t understand the spoken English language. Students with a different language background will hopefully have time during their daily instruction with an ESL instructor. This will lessen the adaptations that a regular classroom teacher. A child with a physical handicap such as being hearing impaired will need other forms of assistance.

I hope that for the future more finances can be turned to education so all children at all schools will have the same opportunities as others, but that isn’t always going to be the case. Through my studies I have seen all sorts of problems that low-income schools face that affect children development. The resources such as computers, books, and other teaching tools are lacking in schools in poor districts. This can have a negative effect of the students in that area become instruction that may be necessary for them to progress may not be available.

I think that general conditions and principles of learning that need to be addressed regardless of a child’s status socially, physically, or culturally are adaptation, inclusion and involvement. A teacher needs to be flexible and be able to change things at the spur of the moment. Many things can change by day and as a professional a teacher needs to be prepared to adapt their lesson to accommodate these changes. The idea of adaptation goes hand in hand with inclusion. A teacher needs to be able to alter these instructions to accommodate all learning types in a classroom and make sure that everyone has an equal chance to participate. Here is where the involvement idea comes into play. A student needs to be actively involved and engaged in learning all literacy concepts. It is the teacher’s job to make sure the learning environment and topics can include everyone as a whole.

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