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The media tends to present information with certain biases that are clearer than the actual information being presented. The media have these biases because the media want the audience that they are directed toward to think a certain way. The word media is the Greek route for middle, which is exactly what the media is: the middle. But it is a middle that is controlled and influenced by many outside factors such as biases, ownership, government, corporate sponsors, ratings and money.

From articles in the newspaper to what is seen on the big screen, heads are being filled with bias information which leads to bias thoughts. If a person has bias thoughts, then that person, by definition, has one-sided thoughts, thus, that person is close minded.

Why do the media want a bunch of close minded people? Noam Chonksy says, “People who have independent ideas or who think the wrong kind of thoughts are cut out.” Do the media control what the people think and then, consequently, do? They do, but the media controls through influence. They influence the people; influence the “mob” because it is known that a group of people is easier to influence then a single person. A single person in that group, however, will go along with what the rest of that group does. In this case, that group of people is the target for which the media is aiming at.

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Why the media is used to control ways of thinking, or to present bias information can be answered with, yet, another question: Who is controlling the media? It is important to know who owns certain media when getting your information from that certain media. This has EVERYTHING to do with the biases that are reported. The real heavyweight media is often owned by management that has some direct affiliation with one of the two major political parties. The owners usually are huge contributors, money wise, to their respective political party and, more often than not, give people their information based on their respective parties beliefs.

For example, General Electric owns NBC. General Electric is also a huge a contributor to the Republican Party, and has direct connections with the party as well. GE gave money to both the Democrats and the Republicans, but 63.1% of the total money given to both of these parties was given to the Republican Party. Also, following George W. Bush’s being elected to office; The CEO of General Electric was in charge of setting the corporate economic agenda for Bush’s In-coming administration. Thus, most news coming from NBC will try hard to avoid making the Republican Party look bad in anyway what-so-ever. In an article dealing with Former President Bill Clinton and his advice that he gave to New York University’s Democratic Party faithful, MSNBC talks about how the Republican Party has a narrow edge in congress, and therefore controls congress. The article has nothing to do with this, but in one tiny paragraph of this MSNBC article it is mentioned that the Republicans “…increased their narrow margin of control in the House and took back the Senate in the November elections.” The article was about Clinton talking to democrats at NYU.

The majority of dominant media is owned by dominant corporations. Obviously dominate corporations have direct connections to political parties because dominate corporations are where the money is. And where the money is, is where the votes are and votes are all these political parties want, thus, the direct connection between the dominant parties and the dominant corporations.

These corporations are big supporters of their respective parties so they have no intention of making them look bad. How could corporations make the political parties that they support look bad? Reporting any information that may damage the image or reputation of that party would certainly make that party look bad, hence; the biases. Media need to report with biases because their “boss” doesn’t want the party, which supports the media’s “boss”-and vice versa- to “look bad”. However, media is controlled not only by who owns them, but in some cases, controlled by who pays them.
These “cases” would be those of Television and Radio. Television and Radio are the two most influential forms of media today because they can be brought into a person’s home daily with the flip of a switch or push of a button. How these two forms of media make their money has a lot to do with what they show and how they show it. Television and broadcast radio make their money from commercial advertisements or corporate sponsors. This has a direct effect on what the people see or hear everyday. It goes back to why people are being controlled by the media and why the media wants the people to be close-minded individuals. The media wants consumers, or the media’s sponsors do anyway, so what is being shown on the TV or broadcast over the radio all ties into the influence the corporate sponsors want over the typical American consumer. The sponsors do as their title suggests: sponsor, while, in return, the shows that are being sponsored are advertising their sponsor as frequently as they can. Thus, the media make a majority of their money from sponsors and ratings.

Ratings are huge in today’s world of journalism. The “top dogs” in the media world are all about ratings and depend upon them to get make money. High ratings mean high popularity and the more popular the program, the more that program will become subject to advertisements. Corporate sponsors, once again, are all about the money, and if they are advertising on higher rated programming, than, theoretically, the corporate sponsors make more money.
In order for a news program to acquire high ratings, that news program must compete with other programming. This means getting the bigger stories faster and getting the right “leaks”. Getting the big leads and leaks is the job of the journalist and always has been, but what is different today is that journalists will do almost anything to get that big story out faster than anyone else, regardless of accuracy. Any toe will be stepped on in order to get these leaks, and just the fact that journalists are getting leaks further proves the direct connection between the government (politics) and the media.

The government has almost everything to do with the whole process of controlling the people. The government is made up of two dominant parties which are supported and funded by many dominant corporations. These dominant corporations own the media! The media is a direct reflection of who owns them (dominant corporations) and what these dominant corporations believe.

This is all done to desensitize the public. To accept things they way they are and to not question, “Why or why not?” The government wants to control everything, for it is somewhat their job. The government was given the power to control, so that is what they do, but when someone is in charge and an authority is present, that authority is always questioned. And the way to prevent from the wrong questions being asked is to control the questions that are being asked. The government does this through the media, and uses the media to desensitize the public; the people.
The media, now, acts as a median for influencing people to lean the same way that their owners are leaning. A good example of media influencing the people is shown through political talk shows airing over the radio, or “hate radio”. With all the yelling and screaming that takes place on one show, a listener hardly gets any facts, but what happens is listeners begin to get desensitized and inurned to what is going on. If people are just always shouting back and forth exchanging insults, observers are going to accept that as political analysis. People don’t know why liberals are stupid, but instead, just know that liberals are stupid having repeatedly heard exactly that from a voice of high volume.
Hate radio is a perfect example because the desensitization it causes is universal and does not just apply to broadcast radio, but applies to all media! The Media is made to desensitize the public. It is there to make people accept things the way they are and ask no questions. It is there to control public opinion through presenting bias reports and accounts of different stories. The media is the main source from which we get our daily information on the world’s happenings, but with that you get many different views of those same happenings.

The word media is the Greek route for middle, which is exactly what the media is: the middle. But it is a middle that is controlled and influenced by many outside factors such as biases, ownership, government, corporate sponsors, ratings and money.

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