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Have you ever been away from home, knowing, the outrageously gorgeous girl, you met last week , promised you, she would be calling you back today at six, on the dot!, you don’t have a mobile mobile phone, so she would be calling you at your house. Well it’s about five fifteen, you’re still away at the mall with your family, just finishing up, with some great bargains, on some new clothes and video games. Yeah that’s cool, but all of this can wait. I need to be home. I really don’t want to miss her phone call. Voyaging through the five hundred store outlet mall seems like an eternity nightmare, that you’re trapped in. You would rather be at home, sitting by the phone nervously anticipating its ring. All in all, she called, you weren’t there, so she figured you really wasn’t serious about the whole thing, and disposed of your number.

Sometimes in life, there are no second chances. If a similar situation ever occurred to you, then guess what?, you need a mobile phone. There are many advantages to owning a mobile phone. The main reason is so you don’t miss calls, and not everyone chooses to leave messages on important calls. Especially the girl you met last week that you blew it with, or the job agency calling you back for the interview they setup for you, or even an emergency situation at home or at work where they need to get in contact with you.

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When you purchase a mobile phone, it comes equipped with a few accessories to make your life a little easier. The car charger is greatly needed when you are on the road for long periods, you don’t have to return home to charge the battery, just do the charging right in your vehicle. Another cool accessory is the belt clip. Forget about storing your mobile phone in your hand bag, pocket or purse, just attach it to your belt and you’re good to go.

You can now play video games, customize phone with different ring tones, wallpapers, browse on the internet, and send instant messages to both mobile phones and computers. Basically they’re transforming mobile phones into mini-computers, many of the new phones have almost equivalent features as a personal computer. They now have phones with voice activated dialing, you just say the person’s name without dialing any number.

With all the different carriers, there are many different plans to choose from. Most start from about $39.99, but the packages all have different times and restrictions, during the day and night and also weekends. My advice to you, if you don’t already own a mobile phone, is to shop for the best packages that will fit your lifestyle. How often you’re gonna use it, during the day, night and weekend. I mean we all don’t talk the same amount, right.

You also have to remember with mobile phones comes some responsibility. Don’t spend hours and hours on the phone with a cheaper plan, because when you get your bill, you’ll probably have a hard time believing it’s your’s.

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