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There is a chance without any motivation I believe you cannot succeed. Motivation is what keeps us going and doesn’t let us slack off or hold back on something, such as school. The more motivation a person has I believe the more they will succeed in school. It is when your motivation dies out you lose all focus and son school is no longer as important and this is where your goals no longer will be met.

My motivation I would say comes from my family and friends. My family are the ones who push me that extra step and help me self discipline myself and let me know all the consequences. The motivation I get from my friends I get from the ones that have the motivation and are going after their goals. I see how they are succeeding and that is what I get motivated by.

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I believe I do have motivation, it is not as strong as I would like, but I know it will get me to what I want. I am hoping after this class I will have very strong motivation to get me to what I want and more. I know what I want I just need a little more self discipline and less distractions in my life. Right now I am in high school and there is a lot going on with all the extra curricular things I do. I think when it comes time for college all that will settle down and my motivation will increase.

The question I ask myself is “How can I improve?.” There are the obvious ways such as self discipline and other good motivators to push you along. Although how do you improve your self discipline and find those good motivators. I don’t believe I have the answer to this question and that is why I am in this class hoping to learn how to do all of this.

I do want motivation more than anything. I know it is what is going to get me somewhere in life and will get me to succeed in college and accomplish my goals after college. Motivation is the key to having a good fulfilled life and getting to where you want to be.

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