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Sports, in any way shape or form have probably been my hobby since I was old enough to understand them. So the interest in the career is there, and so is my willingness to be involved in it. I believe I can help people in some small way by opening their eyes to different outlooks on certain items that may come up, such as if a new hitter can push a team over the top, or if the new coach isn’t doing his job correctly. I truly believe that sportswriters today have helped me better focus on sports and take a great deal more understanding with me as I watch and study them.
The sportswriter career has many responsibilities that go along with writing the stories you see in newspapers, magazines, and on websites. You must attend or watch all the games you are covering every day or night, and you have to have an article written in time to be printed. Writers are found in their office in the morning, and they have afternoons off unless there is a game or interview that they are supposed to cover. “Nights are spent covering an event or interview and then writing the article for it afterwards that night” (Heitzman 44). Sports journalism can be a difficult occupation at times, but it can also be very rewarding. In order to cover the games better writters are given top of the line seating at all the games. In addition they get to go behind closed doors and meet with the player and coaches.

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Most likely a writer won’t get to start at a big time paper so they usually start in on a small town paper or something to that extent. A sportswriter in a small town newspaper would be one of two employees in the sports section. The other employee is the editor. In a large city’s newspaper, the sports department is on a much larger scale than in a smaller one. There can me as many as 20 writers who work just for that department. “These employees have a certain sport that they excel in writing about, such as football, baseball, hockey, basketball, golf, or high school sports”(Heitzman 44).

Sportswriters oftentimes will work odd hours. Writers for morning newspapers will work in the afternoon and evening five days a week including Saturday. That is only if there is a Sunday edition of the newspaper. The writers than have 2 weekdays off. Some reporters are sent along with teams when they go on road trips to continue coverage of that team these writers are called “Beat Writers”. Of course, this is even more time consuming as you have to send in the article from where you are staying by computer. “Most writers don’t even get to bed until very late at night or very early morning when they are on a road trip” (Heitzman 45). Paul Smith, a writer for numerous newspapers, gives this advice to would-be writers: “The romantic bloom comes off the rose early in the profession, but if you stick with it, it has its rewards” (Heitzman 43)

Many skills are needed to be a sportswriter. If you end up being a writer who interviews sports figures, you would need to have a likeable personality and a good sense of what is going on with that figure and his sport. You also must be objectional because you are writing for the paper and not your opinion a lot of the times. “You are required to have skills in reading comprehension, information and organization, speaking, synthesis, reorganization, information gathering, active listening, and of course writing”(Career Zone 2). You need to have an interest in the arts, as you will be working  with forms, designs and patterns. You need self-expression and no clear set of rules to your style (Career Zone 1).
There is not a phenomenal amount of training to become a sportswriter. Most places of employment require a four-year bachelors degree, and several years of work related experience or vocational training. “Internships also help your chances at landing a job with a newspaper or magazine” (Career Zone 3). Some courses that would be helpful to take in high school and/or college would be journalism or broadcast journalism.

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