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A nursing philosophy explores several areas including the definitions of person and what it means to be human. It looks at the nature of nursing, the nurse-person relationship, and the focus of nursing. The focus and goals of the philosophy are stated, as well as the values that guide the practice of nursing. Finally, how this philosophical perspective influences research and scholarship.

On the Nature of Being Human
Person is defined as a single human being, a family, a community, a nation, a race, a culture, or all mankind. The person is a complex synthesis of their past experience and their expectations of the future. The person operates within a self defined, fluidly dynamic physiologic, psychological, sociocultural, developmental, and spiritual environment. A fluidly dynamic environment is one which is not static, but flows in and around the person affecting every aspect of life, including the physical, psychological, social, cultural, developmental and if one chooses, the spiritual aspects of life. The person interacts with this environment, and by their actions, changes it yet again.

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It is self-defined by the choices one makes to change the environment, for good or ill. For example, one may live in an environment that is not considered optimal and have little choice in what goes on there, nevertheless, one can still make choices that will affect and influence the environment and their well being. The person always has a choice. The person can always choose what environment they will create. Within this environment, the person attempts to maintain their best possible balance.

Nature, Focus and Goal of Nursing
Nursing is a unique combination of art and science. Kleinman (2001) asserts, and I whole-heartedly concur, that a nurse is a person who has intentionally chosen to become a nurse and has made a commitment to help other human beings. Nurses practice the art and science of nursing by addressing caring interventions toward the whole person as they interact with and attempt to balance their environment. Nursing promotes health and assists the person with adaptation to their environment. Nursing is person centered caring, in a culturally sensitive environment, helping the person move toward their best possible balance. This is accomplished by nursing interventions, education, referrals to outside agencies, or whatever is needed. I t does not include doing all for the person, but allows the person to do for oneself, with assistance as needed.

A nurse-person relationship is initiated when a person recognizes a present or possible imbalance in their environment. After assessing their own resources and recognizing a need for assistance, the person may ask for assistance. This request may be subtle (vague questions) or overt (pale, cold, and diaphoretic) and may be couched in cultural meaning or symbolism. When the request is recognized, both the nurse and the person then assess the nature of the imbalance, what can be done about it, and how much assistance is actually wanted. This requires a sharing of knowledge, respect for the person’s culture, and a respect for their continued independence and self-direction. Once the care is mutually agreed upon, it is the nurse’s responsibility to provide that care or to find someone who can (multidisciplinary). The focus and goal of nursing should be to assist the person in achieving and maintaining the best balance possible, given the environment.

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