Parent and Child Conflict Essay

The problem of parents and children has been under discussion for ages. And I should say, I believe in its eternity. No matter how well you understand psychology of a child actually. Some people tend to view that parents should just follow some rules of behavior with their children, and no trouble would ever touch them. But in reality the problem of misunderstanding between generations will always exist.

Time runs fast. Principles change. Modern generation is under the great pressure of non-stop information. So more and more devices are invented to make it easier to get and learn important things. Great demands are stated to people if they don’t want to be out of fashion. And nobody wants. Children are used to imitate behavior of adults. If father has a cell phone children would probably be eager to have the same device, even if they don’t really need it. Besides it’s very important for a growing child to feel he is becoming grown-up, to see that he resembles an adult, even though it’s only an external side of resemblance.

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No wonder that parents nowadays need to spend more money on children to fulfill their needs. For representatives of X generation it may seem odd, of course. To see a 10 year child with a cell phone, for instance. Someone may even become annoyed. But it’s an invariable need of society. Cell telephones became an essential part of our lives. I think that children should experience such simple things of civilization as soon as possible. In this case they will have more time to experience new devices which continuously enrich technical progress. I don’t think that it was better when we didn’t have cell phones. You can, as well, say that we somehow lived without electricity and it was quite normal. People should move in conformity with progress. And children shouldn’t be kept aside as well. The more they learn in their youth the more they’ll know later.

It’s undoubtful that parents suffer from greater expenses owing to development of civilization. Parents and children often misunderstand each other in their views on such things. But this problem always existed and I doubt it would ever disappear. Parents will continue to complaint about spending too much money on things which they consider to be of no use for children. Along with this, children won’t stop complaining that their parents don’t give them enough freedom to buy what they want and to behave in the way they want, as in certain age children start to consider themselves adult enough to decide what they want even if it’s not really so.

Of course people spend more money not only for their curious children, who want to grow up as soon as possible and be able to experience all pleasures of adult life, but apart from this people increased expenses in general. People need more and more money to satisfy needs of modern society. In such highly-developed countries as the USA, people are considered to be great consumers. Most of American families have more than two TV sets, computers, note-books and that entire electronic staff which is still considered something special in less developed countries. When American children reach the age of 16, it’s normal for their parents to buy them automobile, even though it’s expensive. And despite their early age they already have rights to drive. Some people may say that it can spoil children. They can misunderstand it permissiveness in life. But I just think that it’s a kind of tendency to luxury life. Though it is often difficult for parents to fulfill all wishes of their children with their changeable characters. But anyway it’s civilization and parents should try to provide better future for further generation, even if it may seem hard to afford.
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