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A Patent gives the inventor the right to stop others from using the invention. However, the inventor can choose to let others use it under agreement. A patent also gives the right to protect the invention by taking legal action against others who are intending to infringe the invention and to claim damages. A patent empowers the owner of an invention to take legal action against others to prevent the unlicensed manufacture, use, importation or sale of the patented invention.

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This right can be used to give the proprietor breathing space to develop a business based on the invention, or another person or company may be allowed to exploit the invention and pay royalties under a licensing agreement. Even thought, the invention will eventually be able to use freely once the patent ceases. The society gain advance knowledge of technological developments and improvement on the product.

A patent can be look upon as a bargain between the State and the inventor. The State offers a short-term monopoly in return for a full deblockedion of the invention. The exchange of a monopoly for a full deblockedion underpins the patent system and leads to published patent documents being the most comprehensive source of technical information in the world, for practically every area of technology.

Furthermore, if an invention is protected by patent, the inventor or the successor will release the invention to the public, so that others can make improvements on it, rather than being held as a trade secret.

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