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How does a society take care of its most vulnerable members in poverty? There are many issues as a world wide community must look at, but the most important ones being food, employment and medicine. We must look at who, where and how people are trying to rid of these problems, for those who are in poverty and try to get them out of their horrible life. The world needs groups outside of governments to address these important and overlooked issues.

There are many organizations in the world that help with food-aid to those in poverty. The biggest being the WFP or the World Food Programme. WFP is a an agency that is responsible for food aid operations in the world. WFP comes to the aid of anybody who needs the goods the most. Whether it be a droughts, floods, poor families, etc. They also help families hold onto their assets so they don’t have to sell their valuable items to eat. Another popular organization helping with food aid in those in poverty is the USAID or United States Agency for International Development. USAID helps those who are in need of proper nutrition and offer quality food to victims of poverty. In 1997 USAID distributed over two and a half million tons of food, worth of about $1.1 billion dollars. It was given to sixty-three developing countries and fed about forty-six million people. USAID is also the world leader in the fight against HIV/AIDS in developing countries. They have dedicated over 1.7 billion dollars against HIV/AIDS. Another popular and big organization that helps with food-aid to those in poverty is world vision. World vision is a NGO(non-governmental organization) that focuses on the public to help those in poverty. They due this through T.V shows much like an informercial to persuade people to sponsor a child. Through World Vision sponsorship, more than 200,000 Canadians are assisting 250,000 children, families and communities to break the out of poverty. It gives the public an eye of the real events that are destroying this world. The money that is contributed by Canadians helps children to go to school, eat, get medical care, and give them shelter. For just $31 dollars people can give a child a real life they deserve. There are so many organizations or programs all over the world that help with food aid, its surprising to think people are still in hunger.

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Micro-loans is a very popular and useful program that has been set up to help those in poverty. They help open up employment opportunities and help develop the business sector in developing countries. Microcredit is give to entrepreneurs who are too poor to get a loan from the bank. So it is much like loans that we can get from the bank to open up a business. The first microcredit was the Grameen Bank founded by Muhammad Yunus. Most borrowers of the program are woman because they are more poorer than men and would spend their earnings to help their children. Woman also have a better repayment record than men, 97 percent better repayment record than men. One third of Grameen Bank’s two million borrowers have come out of poverty. Microcredit is now in available in forty-three countries. It is a very useful program to help with poverty. The Kenya Rural Enterprise Programme opened up in 1990 and distributed about $450,000 to 1,300 people, it received about 98.2 percent repayment rate. The poor are good at paying back or credit worthy. Opportunity International Canada gave out 323,075 loans and 93 percent of the loans were repaid on time. The next best thing for people in poverty to start a business would have to be through loan sharks, who charge unbelievable interest rates. Loan sharks would charge maybe 20-40 percent interest on loans a week, they might even ask to put their children up for collateral. Opportunity International charge an average of about 2-7 percent a month on loans. Micro-loans help those in poverty the money goes directly to poor people, it creates jobs in villages and helps those in poverty have independence and a better life. It is a good way to help deal with poverty because it makes them work for their food, shelter, etc. Instead of simply receiving it from food aid organizations.

Proper Medical care is very vital in order to coupe with poverty. Medical care is very important to these people because they are the ones who need it the most. People in poverty need the most medical attention because they cannot afford it and they are dying at a large scale. Bernard Kouchner is one who has realized this and founded Medecins sans Frontieres (MSF) or Doctors Without Borders. Kouchner and his group of doctors believed that everyone has the right to medical care .Doctors without borders is a medical relief organization that has given medical care to anybody and everybody no matter the nationality or country.”To whom does the suffering of people belong?”Kouchner asks.”To them? To their families? Or to everybody? My answer is the last one.”(Kouchner) The doctor’s of the organization seek to enter countries where people need help. In thirty years the organization has worked in many like Nicaragua, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kosovo and many more. They have run operations in more than eighty countries with 2,000 volunteers from forty-five countries. They have also won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999 for their humanitarian work on many continents. Currently the MSF is working to help those in Afghanistan, they have vaccinated over 7,000 children over the past week. They also have distributed vitamin A supplements and treating kids with malnutrition. Groups like Doctors Without Borders help those in poverty, war-torn areas, victims of natural disasters, etc. Get the proper medical care that they desperately need in order to survive. They send about 3,000 volunteers into ninety countries worldwide. Without them who knows how many lives would be of been lost today. These doctors play a vital role in ending poverty to those countries who cannot afford proper medical care.

In order for us to fix these problems the world needs more non-governmental organizations (NGOs). These people also need the public to help and lend a hand out for those in need. They need the world wide community to help. This way we can overcome and solve the food, employment and medical problems that plague this world.

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