Reflective Journal Essay Sample

Learning is a challenging process that takes effort and determination to achieve results. Students face different challenges in the course of learning based on their learning styles and thought processes. Personally, I am more comfortable with visual learning than verbal learning because I tend to think in terms of images. In most cases, when discussing a concept, I have to create the subject’s image before verbalizing it. As a result, I sometimes take longer to comprehend and interpret information than my classmates, possibly because they think verbally. This often offends me, especially when working in groups, because I feel inferior to my classmates in terms of mental supremacy. Because of this insecurity, I prefer personal studies to group discussions where I have to struggle to fit in and keep up with my classmates. As a result, the recent class has been challenging for me because most of the learning was done in groups.

To overcome the challenges and ensure I get quality grades, I had to develop various coping strategies. First, I realized that I was not weak in all areas. For instance, when it came to interpreting concepts concerning physical objects, I was faster than most of my peers. This helped me build my courage, and I took advantage of this to cover up my weaknesses. Secondly, I discovered that though I took a longer period to comprehend information, I understood concepts better, and my reasoning was more logical. The longer the period I thought about a concept, the better the understanding and the results. The discovery of these two facts restored my self-confidence, and I am now more comfortable working with groups. To completely eradicate the weakness, I practice interpreting concepts quickly in my private studies, and so far, I have made great progress.

The second week of this class was interesting to me, especially after reading the article on dieting fads’ history. It stunned me how humans have struggled with dieting for many years without getting an ultimate solution. People want to avoid obesity through easier options without engaging in exercise. From week two reading and the group discussion, I realized that most people commit little time to exercise, and that’s why health problems are on the rise. The concept of emotional labor from the guardian article in the 5th week’s reading also helped me, especially in my interactions with other people, both face to face and online. Most times, we allow our feelings to control how we handle and react to other people. The concept of exercising one’s emotions is practical, and I think if well taught, we can make the world a better place. Most of the drama and chaos we encounter in life daily are a result of uncontrolled emotions. Personally, I took the challenge and am learning to put my feelings under check.

The classwork was more interesting, especially the group discussions that addressed how we spent our time. I had an opportunity to compare my daily schedule with my group members, and I realized areas that I had to adjust. For instance, I realized that I had the longest sleeping hours and little time for leisure than my group members. This was an eye-opener, and I thought it could be the reason behind my slow comprehension of concepts. Additionally, the lesson about the preservation of food was a life skill that I required. The entire class was full of life-skills and enjoyable.
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