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You can love or hate Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe, but you have to recognize that this is a great novel that even made the word “Robinson” a household name. I adore the book since my childhood, perhaps, I even loved it more than now as a child. However, ironically, I liked Robinson Crusoe himself much less than, the description of the life on the island, and I usually skipped everything before and after it. I am not going to argue that maybe it was often skipped parts that contained the basic canvass of the plot, deep moral dogmas by Defoe, speaking through Robinson mouth, and something else they teach in the textbooks on the history of English literature of … But I needed only the adventures of Robinson Crusoe and the book gave them to me.

I know that Defoe, naturally, tried to create not so much a pure adventure fiction, but rather wanted to illuminate some philosophical and religious questions.

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Yes, Robinson, reading the Bible and meditating subsequently, constantly came to the conclusion that the mere Providence ultimately helped him. In the book, his salvation looks rather unnatural. However, I am on the author’s side here. Many times, I witnessed that the situation often turns to a man when the person is going in an appropriate direction. Robinson did all he could, and got the reward (including material, as it turned out in the end). To sum it up, I say-Robinson, of course, a real fighter and believer who deserved his salvation.

Actually, I did not expect so many humanitarian questions raised in the book. The big plus of the author for a book is not just an adventure.

The only thing I really did not like was totally unexplained and ungrounded killing of animals. Robinson, even after the successful growing grain, receiving a grape harvest with further “processing” it in the raisins, continued to hunt all the same. I was especially mad with the murder of lactating goats and stealing turtle eggs. Here I have two questions: how could he keep the meat in this climate? He could not clearly eat a whole body. The second issue is that I find it difficult to believe that there were no fruit on the tropical island. I almost met almost no descriptions of those in the novel. By the way, the goats had no natural enemies (predators were missing on the island, which means they can multiply indefinitely until the complete destruction of plant cover of the island. Well, the main disadvantage of the novel for me is a completely unexplained killing of a bear at the end of the book. I refuse to understand the motivation of this action.

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