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Salem Witch Trials are a famous example of Puritan activity, so-called witch-hunt. Innocent citizens of Salem, women and children, were attacked by devout villagers who accused them of allegedly practicing witchcraft. The main cause of suspicion became their social closure and their rare visits their church, but the main argument in the proof of their relationship with the Devil was the testimony of the victims that they have seen the spirit of the accused speaking to them.

Medieval witch processes – witch trials – are still the reason of investigation of many researchers interested in history. Hundreds of thousands were accused of witchcraft (especially in 1692) and were put to death for communication with the devil. What has caused such fit of fear of evil spirits and witchcraft? It is unclear to this day. Science is almost always sees a witch hunt as something secondary, completely dependent of external circumstances – the state of society and the church.

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Some scholars assign to witch-hunt role of dark Middle Ages relic, who opposed the secular culture, personified the coming of the New Time and the associated with progressive phenomena in social development. However, a significant number of leading demonologists were just educated humanist philosophers and writers, professors, lawyers and doctors.

Other analysts see in witch-hunt an attempt to strengthen lessened then influence of the Catholic Church. Moreover, the suggestions are made that the mass persecution of witches and the unprecedented growth of interest in witchcraft were provoked by Inquisition.

Some researchers identify the witch-hunt with the struggle against the vestiges of paganism.

Often witch-hunt is interpreted as an effective method of repressive social control, as the massive use of direct violence to curb the potential women’s activities and preservation of male dominance in circumstances of abrupt changes.

In the XX century, the name of the phenomenon got a different meaning that was not associated with the historical period of its origin. It was used as a generalized figurative term for campaigns to discredit some social groups for political or other reasons (e.g., Jews, Communists, or even any opposition to the government) without proper evidence and proof. Typically, these campaigns are the means to achieve certain political objectives and are to manipulate public opinion through the media.

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