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Free Scholarship Essay Example:

My future life will be definitely connected with the social sphere. In order to work with other people and help them, the person must have a strong and self-confident personality. This award will give me a possibility to develop my personal skills and achieve progress in my academic career.

In my opinion, only balanced and tolerant person can become a productive and contributing member of the community. I am always tolerant with other people because every person has a right for his or her own opinion. I always listen attentively and try to understand person’s position. Tolerance is one of the necessary components of the civilized society.

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It is necessary to avoid conflicts. Conflicts disturb us, when we have a conflict with someone our emotional and even physical state is unstable. If the conflict is very serious and protracted, we constantly feel bad and it can cause problems with our health and in some cases even lead to depression or mental disorder. In a conflictive situation only one side can be a winner and the other side is an outsider and, as a rule, both sides are not satisfied with the conflict resolving. The most common effect caused by the conflict can be the following: not achieving a common aim, winning at all costs, discounting the good aspects of opponent’s point of view, bad state of the “loser” and his demoralization.

Decisions taken in a friendly atmosphere are usually more effective and take into account opinions of both sides. The process of resolving conflicts is necessary because it helps to get rid of stress and discomfort. This process assumes encouraging the opponents to come together and to come to the decision by common agreement. I always try to follow these rules and so avoid conflicts.

To be in balance and harmony with yourself means to be in harmony with the surrounding world. Balanced use of person’s efforts affords to work successfully and be maximum active and capable of working. It allows you to contribute to the development of your community.

I can objectively name my advantages and disadvantages and that is the main step in self-growth. I recognize that I will not be able to work with people’s problems if I do not know myself. I see how important it is that now I know myself, see my problems and disadvantages and can work on them. Solving my own problems will definitely help me to solve people’s problems. I understand that main principles of life are freedom, power and honesty and I suppose that this award will help me to apply these principles in my life. It will help me to develop perfect skills in discussions and conversations, which are obviously necessary for the social worker. I can work in teams and easily cooperate with other people, so it will help me to get maximum profit from my experience and later use it in my further life.

My future goals are closely connected with social sphere and I am conscious of the fact that working in this sphere is very responsible and requires not only perfect personal skills but also academic progress. I am a good learner and do my best to achieve progress in this sphere. I know for sure that good grades do not always guarantee good knowledge, so I pay attention not the grades themselves but to the subjects I study. I strive for excellence in everything I do because I know it can contribute to my future profession and life.

It goes without saying that it is education that can allow me to become a successful worker and connect my life with social sphere. I am sure I will get as much knowledge and experience as I can from my study. I really need this award for my tuition. College or high school is the place where personality is formed.

Personality is developed through our lives and can be influenced and changed by the surrounding. The development of the personalities of the person is greatly influenced by the college and good conditions created can create a very good opportunities for the successful future life of the person. The opportunity to realize freedom will prepare the person for the future life and teach him or her to take own decisions and to adopt the changeable surrounding. This award will help me to continue my studies, develop as a personality and realize my future plans. I have chosen my future career and this award will definitely help me to realize my future life goals.

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