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“Kids go to school wearing unsuitable clothing” many say. But this is not just a question of school uniforms or not, there are other factors to be considered. It is true that many teenagers worry more about their clothes than schoolwork and others suffer from low self-esteem because they don’t wear the right apparel. This can be a source of anxiety for them. Clothes are a symbol of one’s individuality. Clothing can represent one’s ethnicity, political consciousness, maybe even a sense of humor, or a number of other reasons including comfort. Some see uniforms as a means of making students believe that education must be taken seriously. In reality, however, uniforms are more of a way of surrendering the individual to the system. Prisoners don’t wear uniforms for pride but because the warden wants to make the experience as miserable and humiliating as possible. Therefore, the implementation of a school uniform policy may in fact contribute to an increase of anxiety and lower self-esteem. These are not the only reasons why there shouldn’t be a uniform policy.

Some may argue that uniforms help kids concentrate in school yet comfortable clothes that fit and function well do help kids concentrate on their schoolwork. However some kids may be more comfortable in sweats while others are in jeans. Restricting choices will limit parents’ ability to find comfortable yet inexpensive clothing for their children. Others will say that kids spend too much time envying other kids’ clothes. Could it be true that many children are so obsessed with what they wear that their grades are affected? Parents with children in this situation have to provide counseling and support, not new clothes.

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The current dress code is sensible if well enforced. It “is geared to help students prepare for the larger world and thus good grooming and proper attire should be emphasized.” (1, pg 56) It encourages kids to wear almost whatever they want and at the sane time it gives the administration the power to address problems. Furthermore, parents also have the power to tell their kids what they can and can’t wear. Even though parents have different rules their decisions will still reflect family values.

Some pro-uniform folks say that uniforms help build self-esteem. Ha! Ever see a fat kid in a uniform? Not exactly a self-esteem builder, is it? But if that same child wore what he desired, he would have a higher self-esteem, wouldn’t he? Older adults sometimes say “you know they’re going to have to wear uniforms at work, some day, better get used to it now.” Very out-of-touch! In fact, most work places are moving to business casual in lieu of spending money on uniforms.

“Children will not be teased by what by what they wear,” others will say. When in fact children should not be teased. Dressing everyone the same will not eliminate teasing, what it will do is stifle creativity and suppress individuality, and disable people from recognizing and respecting other’s differences. (2)

As per the arguments and counter-arguments, it is fair to state that the implementation of a uniform policy will not contribute to the social and academic achievements of students.
“The ACLU recently conducted a series of focus groups and discussions with high school students and asked them what they thought would help. Uniforms didn’t even make it onto the list. Their suggestions:
1.) Since school violence mirrors that of society at large, schools should seriously confront and discuss issues of racism and cultural conflict;
2.) “Safe corridor” programs should be supported to protect the safety of students as they go to and from school;
3.) School entrances should be secured;
4.) More extracurricular activities and clubs should be established;
5.) Open-mike assemblies should be held on a regular basis to give students the opportunity to express themselves;
6.) Programs to help students find part-time jobs should be established;
7.) Conflict resolution techniques should be taught.
Now, that is a real plan!” (3)
Therefore, we should oppose the implementation of such unmerited policies.

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