Science in the Modern World Essay

Science is the practical activity that involves the study of the earth’s structure and the how the physical and natural world behaves, through experimental analysis and observation. Over the years, science has played a great task in the improvement of human life and all the activities that human beings perform, no matter how complex or simple. Basically, everything around human life can be linked to science, everything that makes the life on earth easier. The list would be endless as science is life. At the advent of most of the technological and scientific principles that have made life on earth easier, the earth’s generation was in full embrace of science, but whatever happened is one of the wonders of the world. Today, science is being ignored and disapproved, and scientists on the other hand being shunned away when they come up with a reasonable theory.

In the article “Welcome to the Age of Denial” by Adam Frank, the writer explores ways in which science has been shunned away by the modern generation. He says thatat the adavancement of the environmental degradation and global warming theory, many individuals were in full support of the theory and tried to follow the set recommendations to improve in this menace. However, with time, this was fully forgotten and ignored, and truthfully, this has led to the adverse effects of climate change that have nearly destroyed life on earth. this shows how science has been rejected today. On the other hand, the writer also gives an analysis on how the scientists are being rejected by the society, giving the situation in North Carolina where planners have been banned from using scientific climatic data to gauge on the sea levels in future. This has brought most of the tragedies related to rise in sea levels like floods in most of the coastal region.

Truly, the society has to do away with the trending negative attitude towards science and the scientists for them to have a better life, enabled by science.

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