State’s Response to Intelligence Essay

Key Individuals and Plot Analysis
Intercepted calls from key suspects reveal their intentions to carry out attacks in the United States. The links between the identified individuals and extremist groups calls for heightened surveillance of planned attacks that would expose the country to devastating losses of lives and property. The identification of the key masterminds who sought to engage other groups provides insights into the commands connected to him and the specific regions where planning happens. Further, intelligence reports from the NSA, FBI and CIA reveals the existence of individuals with expertise in explosives, logistical planning, hacking, and business. For example, intelligence identified individuals planning terror attacks and had expertise in handling explosives. Other members of different groups have cyber skills that could be used by terrorists in developing software programs capable of interfering with activities at the stock market. In other instances, the lack of skilled computer experts could force them to kidnap or recruit individuals to help them with their missions. The terrorists’ priority on hacking and contacts with computer experts make cybersecurity a priority for the United States.

Individuals associated with potential cyber threats include are known due to their massive interests in hacking. Some once served as senior leaders of terrorist groups. Their influence means that they are likely to reach out to more experts to provide assistance and increase their ability to infiltrate critical IT infrastructure. The transfer of large sums of the U.S dollars by those planning attacks on the United States indicate the need to counter financial and material support and stifle the planned attacks. Further, the pursuit of companies that could handle large scale cargo in the form of people or weapons is a sign that the attacks could cause severe damage to U.S critical infrastructure. The choice of water transport reflects the resilience of terrorists and their intention to explore all means that will allow them to move weapons of mass destruction into the United States.

Weapons Procurement
Technological advances in the current century create an interconnected world. It is easier for people and groups to move funding, exchange information and transfer materials. Combined information from private entities and government surveillance indicate that terrorists will continue exploring available information technologies to control their activities and plot attacks. Increased interconnectedness across nations are necessary to curb the smooth flow of terrorists and abuse of the financial systems by donors. Terrorists have a flexible means to raise funds and purchase materials and weapons needed to fulfil their intentions due to wealthy donors willing to support their mission. The flexible and effortless transfer of resources increases the country’s vulnerability to large scale terrorist attacks. For example, extremist groups could use a dirty bomb or cyberattacks targeting nuclear facilities. However, terrorists cannot proceed with their plans without the necessities, weapons and access to funds. Therefore, one solution for the United States is to prevent the groups from exploiting private financial institutions and cargo handlers. Effective legislation and policies are essential to improve information sharing with transportation, communication and banking financial institutions.

The U.S should prevent access to funds by terrorists to limit the latter’s ability to recruit, pay fighters, or smuggle weapons. Countering existing funding methods would allow the state to increase scrutiny of terrorists’ financial transactions and activities. Dismantling support networks from the wealthy Arab donors and denying terrorists the ability to raise funds will curb the procurement of weapons. Equally, denied funding would reduce the terrorists’ ability to recruit cybersecurity experts or to develop materials that enable them to produced advanced weapons. Therefore, disrupting weapons procurement requires the state to ensure terrorists cannot acquire new capabilities from scientists or scholars.

The state needs accurate and reliable information about the targeted sites. However, details pointing out to possible attacks in Pennsylvania or New York call for enhanced intelligence and surveillance in all critical locations. For instance, the law enforcers and intelligence units should respond to suspicious photography of essential resources. The stealing of explosives in New York and meetings conducted in Pennsylvania mean that the two places are potential targets. Preparedness and readiness are essential to ensure the American society recovers quickly from attacks. In this case, a public communications framework is necessary to acquire information on suspicious individuals and activities within New York and Pennsylvania. Priority areas also include interception of exchanges between individuals and groups from various parts of the world. For example, the state has to respond to planned attacks from locations where masterminds operate. Similarly, heightened surveillance should identify potential meeting points to disrupt preparations by terrorists.

Stronger partnerships between the state and private entities are vital. The collaborations and exchanges allow the government to access reliable details about the location, procurement of weapons, recruitment and donors. Expanding support networks and engaging logistics companies are among the main factors that enable terrorists to accomplish their missions. Partnerships will improve the credibility of reports and allow the United States to counter the various forms of attacks in real-time. International collaborations are also necessary for the state to monitor jihadist activities in the early planning stages and counter their plans before they access the nation’s territories.
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