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For my statistics essay I intend to carry out an investigation to discover if there is a relationship between two sets of data. I will use a range of appropriate statistical measures and calculations which will allow me to discover whether there is a relationship between the two sets of data. I am trying to discover if there is a link between the per capita gross domestic product of a country and the school life expectancy of a citizen in that country. Allow me to explain the two different statistics. Per capita gross domestic product is measured in US dollars and represents the gross domestic product for each citizen of the country that is fifteen or over and economically active (i.e. earning money) over a period of a year.

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Per capita gross domestic product is basically the average amount a working adult earns per year in that particular country. Gross domestic product is an average calculated by the statistics division of the United Nations. School life expectancy is also an average calculated by the United Nations statistics division and represents the average number of years schooling a child can expect to receive in any given country. I will select a number of countries at random and then I will analyse both sets of data for each country allowing me to draw conclusions about the relationship between the two sets of data.

· I believe that the school life expectancy will increase as the per capita GNP does. This is because richer more developed countries have more money to spend on education. I will investigate this.
· I will try to discover if males receive a longer education (in years) than females. Or if females receive a longer education than males. I believe that in a percentage of countries males will receive a longer education.
· As I have got the data for both male and female school life expectancy I will calculate an average of the two, which I can use in some of my calculations.

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